APEX Info Sheet 2018-19


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Get Started

APEX Info Sheet 2018-19

Complete the "Getting Started: Courses" tutorial. Your class will not be unlocked until you do so!

You MUST do this first!

Online Orientation

What do I need to do?

contact your


Username:__________   Password:_________

1. Login to APEX:
2. Click on "Help" in right-hand corner
3. Click on "Getting Started"
4. Click on the green button under "Getting Started: Courses" (this is the ONLY one you need to do)
5. When completed, your course will automatically unlock--GET STARTED!
**The video "Getting Started Orientation Directions" on the CHS website shows you how to do this.

PE Students ONLY!

Print your logs (for 1.2.1-10) from the CHS APEX webpage--not from the class! The document to print is on the right side of the webpage. You need 10 copies total. Also print out the 1.1.2 Practice to turn in. All other written assignments must be submitted electronically.


You MUST login to APEX and complete work AT LEAST one hour PER DAY!

Go to the APEX page on the CHS website for important information!

* Sign up for Remind with Miss Collins and your teacher (required--see back)

* Go to the APEX page on the CHS website. Videos mentioned on this page and important APEX information are there:

* Check the Announcements on APEX  daily (right-hand side).

* Submit all assignments electronically (except for Math and certain assignments in PE only). The video "Sending Assignments through APEX" shows you how!

* Check your grade regularly. The video "What's Up With My Grade?" shows you how!

Students MUST sign up for Remind w/Miss Collins & their teacher!

flip over for contact info

Teacher Contact Info

How to signup for Remind

I need help!

Enter the teacher's Remind code from the list above. You must sign up with Miss Collins and your teacher!