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We have changed second-semester schedule to better serve our students.  Class times are extended at Co-Op for increased collaboration and instruction!  Synthesized subject times to allow for better collaboration between teachers of specific departments.  Please see Schedules below.  Note: schedules have been updated in Praxi.  You can print your schedule there! 
RAYS for Christ Homeschool Org., Inc.
New Semester 2 Schedule
Welcome Back!
Extended Session for High Schoolers
1/3: Biology Class Begins in Praxi 

1/4: Biology Lab @ Berean 1-1:45pm
Regular Session
1/8: Classes resume with Lesson Plans in Praxi.

1/9: Co-Op will NOT meet due to Voting Day. Berean is a Voting Precinct.  Follow assignments in Praxi.

1/11: Thursday Schedule @ Co-Op Begins

1/16: Tuesday Co-Op!  Welcome Back!!
Tuesdays at the Co-Op
Thursdays at the Co-Op