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published by Kimberly Wiggins

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  jan and feb '18
Challenge Today,
Change Tomorrow
For January and February, we'll be doing an extended challenge! Upload a video demonstrating a solution to an SAT question - from Practice Test 1 found at this link:

Title your video with the question number you're answering, and watch as the videos roll in!!

We will randomly select 5 videos each month (jan and feb) to win an official SAT Study Guide, complete with 5 full-length practice tests!! 
To share a video, go to and enter the code: 

Go to the relevant topic, and post!
Must be a student
That's really it - to win, you must be an svvsd student. 

HOWEVER - teachers are encouraged to participate!!!
Other Notes
We'll choose January winners on Jan 30, and February winners on Feb 30 - don't miss this awesome chance!! You can enter as many times as you want - but can only win once :). By entering, you allow us to share your vid on social media. 
How to
For questions or comments, email [email protected]  

Follow us on twitter @thesatchallenge, find our Facebook page, or just send us a friendly email and we'll add you to our subscription list for test tips and strategies!!

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