Partnership for Young London 2017 review

published by PYL.INFO

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4 Policy Network meetings with over 

key stateholders 

weekly updates to over 800 policy makers and practitioners
12 monthly updates to over
we redesigned the website and in 2017 had 16,000 views on the website averaging 1300 -1500 per month
10 blogs were posted on the website from various partners

12 task and finish groups for over 300 practitioners looking at the following: evidence and research, best practice around; working with boys and young men, collective impact, young people’s health and well-being, political engagement and asset based approaches among other.

Vision for Young Londoners event with over 100 organisations and young people attending.     Recommendations were highlighted for the GLA and task and finish groups  have been taking place over the year on key priorities
"I will use what I have learnt to provide support to projects helping YP in most needy areas"
" The questions helped me look into my own practice"
"All the networking…it helped me to learn best practice in different parts of London"
Briefing Papers
Young Men - emerging themes in working with young men
Diaspora Young People - Conversations in youth work with diaspora young people
37 events over the last year for over 900 practitioners
"I will use what I have learnt to provide support to projects helping YP in most needy areas"
Engaged with the Local Goverment Association on the development of a youth narrative

Facilitated consultation on the development of a youth policy statement with the GLA

Supported discussions with the Department for Media, Culture and Sport on a youth policy statement

6 Roundtables with key policy leads and practitioners
Briefing Papers
Partnership for Young London’s Position Statement – the position of London’s young people
Regional Youth Units Statement – youth work units statement on the need for a 3 year strategy for young people
Research Reports
 Youth Unemployment Review  -collection of reports and analysis on youth unemployment
Young People's Perceptions - attitudes and perceptions on post 16 options for young people
 Beneath the Threshold - voluntary sector perspectives on safeguarding with Children England
Social Media
Set up a Facebook page
followers on Twitter and we posted 693 tweets
We have set up an online database of over 750 useful reports and publications linked to young people and youth policy
We have over 1287 followers on Linkedin