Teambuilding Report 2017

published by TIPA

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B.1. Teambuilding
Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues.
Teachers' job is valued by parents, children, colleagues, TIPA and society in general recognizes the positive impact they have on children's education.
School "managers" plan moments to brainstorm ways to improve children's education and school life in collaboration with parents, colleagues, NGOs and CSRs.
The Ministry of Education and ZEP Unit spreads successful collaborations between parents, teachers & NGOs to other school communities.
15  Teachers
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
1 cluster coordinator
13  non teaching staff
7 parents
6 TIPA staff
2 PTA presidents and 5 parents involved at schools
Milestone 2
Milestone 1
Meeting with school staffs to discuss about their expectations
Presentation of teambuilding to all school staff
Debrief of teambuilding in each school
Implementation but delay due to bad weather conditions
Participants' motivation
Teachers' enthusiasm
Getting to know TIPA
Once more the team building encouraged people to participate and work as a team. While doing the different activities, the multiplicity of skills within the team was highlighted and the group learnt new ways of working together.

They felt valued and created that sense of bonding which help them to build trust. Working in a team spirit created a sense of accomplishment and reinforced the communication skills.
Teachers appreciated and thanked TIPA for giving them the opportunity to have one full day out of school environment with fun and structured activities that encourage individual development, and also bring all members together for a common cause.

They felt valued that the European Ambassador and Minister of Social Integration addressed them personally.
Through the activities done during the team building, participants learnt more about each other. They shared their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and these contributed to build trust between the school and TIPA staff.

As a result,  communication was improved and TIPA's action were well understood. 
This especially helped in planning and implementing creativity classes and 
school events to reach common goals.
Individual meeting with each teacher to present and collect suggestions
Teambuilding at 7 Cascades Restaurant and lodge
The following highlights are drawn from the participants' feedback collected at the end of the team building using Barefoot guide's inside story method, and in September during the debriefing meetings.
Meeting with school staff to present the teambuilding
Meeting with financial partner to explain the action
Meeting with the organisers to prepare the teambuilding
Distribution of invitation cards
Debriefing with staff of G.Rozemont and Vallijee Government Schools
Collecting all feedbacks and prepare reporting
Finalise report
July - Sept
Non - teaching staff
 " Working together to achieve a better result"
School Head Master
"I tried one of the activity (done during the team building) with my family to overcome a difficulty and this helped us move forward''.
" I felt valued that the European Ambassador, the Minister of Social Integration addressed us personally"
" I never participated in such activity and was a bit afraid to come but finally I felt at ease to give my ideas and talk to others."
Host a team building event
By welcoming school staff in your domain, hotel or nature parc, you will directly contribute to improving their collaborative skills. With a better team spirit, we believe that the school staff  will  tend to  enhance school atmosphere, thus providing a better collaborative environment for children to learn and succeed.
Support a team building event
Teachers and other school staff hold one of the most important jobs in the world. Contribute to value them by offering your services in terms of event management, food catering, material support, transport for teachers, etc. Contact Jany for more info on how you can help : [email protected]
Team building encourage each participant to develop and focus on what he/she is best at and helps the participant to find his / her potential within the team so that everyone can  contribute and be valued as a significant contributor.

The structured activities proposed by Maingard & Associates were important to complete the tasks and game but mainly to foster collective skills such as communication and collaboration.

This team building especially provided realistic experiences that empowered participants to work together and contributed towards a common objective.
The Team building debriefing held with school staff helped identify areas of improvement for the future team building. They suggested :  
 - to have a person in each school to motivate others 
 - to invite CSR partners to participate
 - to collect teachers financial contribution before the event to guaranty their presence
-  to ask children to prepare a drawing  to thank their teachers and other members of the school.