Parents' Club Report 2017

published by TIPA

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in 3 sessions conducted at Guy Rozemont Govt.  School.
22 parents participated
3 parents participated 
4 parents completed the training on positive discipline
16 parents were reached
57 parents were reached
in the first meeting of the Parents Support Programme launched by the ZEP Unit.
in planning session of parents Club at Guy Rozemont Govt.  School.
Parents Club during 2017
were held in 3 schools 
at Vallijee Govt.  School.
in the first Community School Programme launched by the ZEP Unit.
C.1 Parents' Club
Parents are aware of their capacities and find ways of improving their involvement in their children's education.
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision:
Parents are aware of the difficulties and opportunities they meet concerning their children's education.
Parents are aware of their capacities and find ways of improving their involvement in their children's  education.
Parents are welcomed in schools to meet educators and ask about their children's progress in class
The Ministry of Education & ZEP Unit recognise and consult the diferent actors (school staff, parents, NGOs, etc.) to identify difficulties and opportunities in  the Mauritian Educational system.
12 parents registered
to be involved in the preparation of Parents Support Programme sessions.
Milestone 2
Milestone 1
Activity 1 at Guy Rosemont Govt. School
Meeting Brainstorming with parents for Communitiy Workshop at Tranquebar
May - August
Launching of Parents Support Programme at Nicolay  Government School
Parents participate in the preparation of schools Events
The Parents Support Programme is a project set up by the  ZEP Unit to gather ZEP schools parents to think and share experiences about educational practices at home. TIPA's support has been requested to introduce artistic activities as a means to support discussion and reflection by the parents.

A group of parents have volunteered to plan the meetings with the TIPA staff in order to ensure that discussions answer their needs in terms of educational support.
Activity 2 Guy Rozemont Govt. School.
Activity 3 Guy Rozemont Govt. School
Training on Positive Discipline with mothers from Vallijee
Launching Parents Support Programme at Nicolay Govt.School
Meeting with parents at Pointe aux Sables 
Parents' help at Vallijee Govt. School for the children's art exhibition of 2017 was very valuable as it contributed to strengthening relationships between parents and the school staff. This demonstrated how school events can be an opportunity to build stronger relationships with the school community.
Conduction of 2 training sessions at Vallijee 
Community schools
The Community School Programme is a pilot project set up by the ministry of Education in 10 ZEP schools to foster relationships between the school and local partners such as NGOs. TIPA has been invited to contribute to the project as one of the schools' partners. During the meeting,TIPA was invited to conduct a warm-up and to explain the support the NGO can offer.
Parent from Parents' Club in Guy Rozemont  Govt. School
"Now I know how to explain to my child things about his education. With the help of this picture (chosen from the 52 illustrations tool), I can explain to him what I have learnt in Parents' Club."
Parent from Parents' Club in Guy Rosemont Govt. School
"Parents club has helped to develop effective communication between parents and the school direction. It supported the free flow of information with the school community."
Deputy Headmaster at Guy Rozemont Govt. School
Parent from Parents' Club in Vallijee Govt. School
"It's my first session with the Parents Club but I'm happy I finally came because my child always mentions TIPA but I had no idea what it was. Now I know what she does at school, in creativity classes."
"Today, I realised that there are important things that we don't know, but today in Parents' Club, we have been able to talk about them. There so many things that go by but we don't talk about them."
For 2018, TIPA will start the Parents Support Programme at Nicolay Governmentt School. Six parents  will help in planning sessions and identify topics for the Parents Support Programme. They will also contribute to the implementation site visits in the neighborhood and support communication between the school staff and other parents.
For the year 2018 TIPA in collaboration with the Parent Mediator will find out new strategies to increase the number of participants in the Parents Club and invite parents to participate in school activities. 
Help sustain Parents' Club
Parents have expressed their wish to invest Parents' Club as a platform where they can express themselves and take time for themselves. They have noticed such time helps them focus better on their parenting tasks.

Parents have enjoyed participating and helping in the organisation of school events. TIPA hopes to support their desire to contribute to the school life by identifying more opportunities to do so with the school staff, such as sport days, music day and end of year activities. 

Parents involved in the planning session of Parent's club could  act as mediator between other parents and school staff so as to ensure good communication between both parents and school community.

TIPA is honored to be involved in the different actions (Parents' Club, Parents Support Programme and Community schools) implemented by the ZEP Unit to enhance parents' involvement in their children's education. However, this diversity of projects also represents a challenge for TIPA, that will need to ensure coherence and synergy in its different interventions.

Help us provide required material and equipments for parents to enjoy art activities at home with their children by partnering up on Club des parents. As an artist or professional, you can also offer your help to facilitate activities dedicated to parents.