Advocacy and Awareness Report 2017

published by TIPA

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C.3. Advocacy & Awareness
Volunteers ​engage in educational activities and advocacy with social actors.
reached via facebook
6801 online supporters
were reached by a training : "Dealing appropriately for children perpetrating sexual abuse."
14 state officers (CDU, Minor's Brigade, Ombudsperson's Office & Ministry of Education)
NGOs meet and think together on the needs and opportunities concerning children's education
7 newspaper articles
published with KDZM  on Children Rights
205 volunteers
dedicated their time for our Flag days
4 press articles, and 2 TV interviews
given on TIPA's actions
Networking with 34 NGOs
for pre-budget consultations
Members and volunteers are invited to think about difficulties encountered in children's education and suggest sensitization activities
3 training workshops
on self awareness held with KDZM for 25 social workers 
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
NGOs know and recognize each NGO capacity and develop actions/activities in cooperation to improve synergy in the educational system
NGOs n​etwork and cooperate to help the Ministry in its educational mission.
2 colloquiums on positive psychology (in Mauritius and Reunion).
Presentation of TIPA's action during
University of Namibia
Presentation of TIPA's action to
16 NGO social workers and 24 psychologists & councelors
2 conferences - 
Participation to 
2 articles submitted to French professional journals 
Consultation with other NGOs for recommendations for National Budget.

 2 KDZM workshops on self awareness
Flag days.

Presentation at Colloquium on Positive Psychology.
Children Rights day and KDZM training on : "Dealing appropriately for children perpetrating sexual abuse". 
Colloquiums on Positive Psychology
Training concerning children perpetrating sexual abuse
Global Giving graduation
TIPA was invited to present its actions during 2 Colloquiums that were held in Mauritius (in April) and in Reunion (in May). We reached more than 300 educational practitioners in Mauritius and 50 in Reunion.

The presentations favoured interaction with the public and in addition with several educators, 6 international experts gave feedback on TIPA's actions.

It was also very interesting to learn about various themes such as motivation, state of flow, passion & teaching, mindfulness at school, presented by international experts such as Robert J. Vallerand, Jeanne Siaud Facchin, Dr Jean Heutte and Fabien Fenouillet.

In line with the international day of the rights of the Child on November 20th and in view of multiple sexual assaults committed by children, observed on the field and conveyed by the media, the KDZM had the pleasure to introduce this training on "Appropriate care of the minors, authors of sexual violence." The trainer, Dr Samuel Lemitre, is a psychologist and founder of EIDO (a center for the care of trauma and violence) in Paris. 
Global Giving, is an international Crowdfunding platform and in September, TIPA participated to a campaign aiming at raising funds and international awareness concerning our action. The challenge was to raise more than $5,000 from at least 40 donators in 18 days. Thanks to the generous 
donators and motivators, we manage to reach this target and graduate to become a 
long term member of Global Giving.
1 magazine article valuing parents at Tranquebar.

1 article published by KDZM.
Conderence - debate organised by Ombudsperson for Children.
TIPA graduated at Global Giving accelerator campaign.
1 TV interview.
Focus group with financial partners. 

3 articles on Facilit'art certificate ceremony
Presentation at Colloquium on Positive Psychology (Reunion).
1 KDZM workshop: managing emotions.
TV show: presentation of TIPA's actions.
Participation to conference: empowering citizens; access ti justice for all.

Presentation at University of Namibia.
KDZM: 2 press articles published in reaction to budget speech.
"The training will serve us as base to set up structures for appropriate caring for the children victims and authors of sexual abuse, in order, to better protect them. [...] The information was organized in a coherent way and presented sensitively. We feel at the same time, the humanity and the expertise of the speaker. Thank you!"
Participant to KDZM training.
"I am convinced that art and culture are real pillars in personal development and social mobility. I am pleased to bring my contribution to TIPA's mission, as a volunteer for the organisation of its annual Flag days."
Valentine, volunteer for the Flag Days
"TIPA is clearly filling a major gap in the education sector in Mauritius and is responsive to a major need which the government alone could not address. My impression is also that TIPA has been very intentional in reflecting upon its own actions and methodology and is constantly evolving and changing its approach to have more impact.”
Karine Nuulimba - NGO Consultant, Namibia.
Marika Matengu - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Namibia.
"Learning from these projects should be brought to the national platforms to bring debate of the whole education system and its benefits to vulnerable communities. Keep up the good work!"
During 2018, we will encourage more volunteers to get involved to think about difficulties encountered in children's education and suggest sensitisation activities. We also plan to further develop advocacy and awareness initiatives with our NGO collaborators.
Contribution to Scientific Research
In 2018, TIPA will work on  articles, presenting our actions for publication in professional / scientific journals. We also intend to participate to research colloquiums. 

For more information, contact Angelique : [email protected]
Onorab Zanfan
In order to further children’s involvement and voices on education, TIPA wants develop a toolkit to support educational actors in conducting activities to invite children to express their wishes for their education.  

If you want to participate, contact Jany:
The TIPA team is very grateful to all the volunteers that supported us in several ways. Implementing our Programme was a big challenge that was made possible by the contribution of all these helpful hands and hearts ! Networking with local NGOs via Kolektif Drwa Zanfan (KDZM) network proved to be very stimulating and encouraging for TIPA team and actions. Sharing good practices and brainstorming with other NGOs to find sustainable and relevant solutions for the challenges encountered in the fight for children's rights, has confirmed TIPA's intention of being an active member of the local NGO community. By putting its skills and knowledge in the field of education and fight against poverty, TIPA wishes to contribute to dynamising and professionalising the local NGO sector.

We also appreciated, during focus groups,  the involvement of our financial partners, in helping the TIPA team to find innovative and relevant communication and fundraising strategies. The media content (articles, and video interviews) published at a national level extended the impact of our actions by sensitising Mauritian citizens to the importance of artistic education and to the potential of each Mauritian child, regardless of his or her socio-economic background. 

Thank you to KDZM collaborators, Global Giving and the media for your valuable support in our advocacy and awareness actions!