ZEP Workshops Report 2017

published by TIPA

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D.2. ZEP workshops
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils, and colleagues.
The teachers' job is valued by parents, children, colleagues, TIPA, and society in general recognizes the positive impact they have on children's education.
The ZEP Project, school, and TIPA provide moments & resources for educators to search for, use, and share educational tools and activities that value children and their progress in class, with their colleagues.
The Ministry of Education & ZEP Unit recognize and consult the different actors (school staff, parents, NGOs, etc.) to identify difficulties and opportunities in the Mauritian Education system.
The Ministry of Education and ZEP Unit extends successful collaborations between parents, teachers & NGOs to other school communities.
In September 2017, TIPA facilitated
5 tutorials
potentially impacted by a better school atmosphere
1,012 children
1 cluster coordinator
collaborated with TIPA to prepare the training sessions
131 teaching and non teaching staff, and 1 school inspector participated
in tutorials
3 TIPA staff
facilitated the workshops
Themes addressed :
"Reconnecting to the school through Arts"
As part of the ZEP II programme, a workshop based on 2016 pilot project was replicated in 5 schools of Zone 2,  (Rose-Hill, Beau-Bassin), namely André Bazerque GS, Aimé Césaire GS, Barkly GS, Nuckchady GS, Stanley GS

The expected outcome of the tutorial were to :
- Reinforce team spirit amongst the school staff;
- Bring awareness concerning the importance of nurturing values in their workplace to create a better school atmosphere, which benefits the staff and the children;
- Re-vitalized motivation amongst the staff to tackle future challenges;
- Awareness on Art’s potential to foster values.
Inviting school staff to reflect on and share their values and vision for their school
Transcription of collected feedbacks
Debrief session with Cluster Coordinator
Preparation of tutorials and purchase of material
Staff members seemed to get along very well and their quality of the collaboration showed that team spirit was present in all 5 schools.

Most of the School staff enjoyed creating an artwork and feedback collected show that this session was re-energizing for them. They requested additional workshops and also mentioned to the Cluster Coordinator that they prefer such hands-on activities in which they are involved, instead of lectures (which they find too theoretical). They are generally tired and stressed and look for resourceful workshops.
Meeting with ZEP II team to discuss tutorials' content and dates
Conduction of  tutorials in 5 ZEP schools
During the 3hr workshop, teaching and non-teaching staff brainstormed on the values they deemed necessary to ensure a collaborative school atmosphere, they shared their views in mutual respect and created a collective artwork which illustrated their vision for their school.
“This workshop allowed several colleagues to express themselves (...) and to realise that cooperation, unity and respect are very important”
School staff from Stanley Government School
“I feel encouraged to give the best of myself”
School staff from Stanley Government School
“This workshop made me feel good. I needed that.”

“I feel light, at ease; on top of the world”
School staff from Barkly Government School
“This workshop was of extreme fun, it helped me to be much integrated with my colleagues and promoted values such as sharing, patience, discipline”

School staff from Nuckchady Government School
In the context of the ZEP II project, half-day workshops are scheduled for all 27 ZEP schools in 2018. Moreover, the ZEP II team plans to provide a follow-up to the teachers aiming at helping them improve their teaching practice through a positive approach and development of pedagogical tools adapted to their pupils' needs.
Next workshops themes
The first tutorial "Reconnecting to the school through Arts" shall be conducted in all other schools. The following other themes will be developed for implementation in 2018: Valorisation, Boosting creativity, Collaborating with parents.
Support school staff follow-up
TIPA and ZEP II team plan to develop an individual follow-up plan for ZEP teachers. This will include a follow-up tool, follow-up sessions and site visits. You want to contribute to this movement for the improvement of teachers' teaching practice ? Contact us on [email protected]
We noted that a 3-hour session is too short to engage in a deep reflection on values  which are important for the work context. Possibilities to address this issue was mentioned in the debrief submitted to the ZEP II team. Further workshops options will be discussed with the Cluster Coordinator at the beginning of 2018, such as an anonymous feedback form (english or creole) to collect valuable information from school staff concerning tutorials and room for improvement. The feedback time should be scheduled from 3pm to 3.15pm and should be collected on the same day. In addition, a debrief/feedback session should be scheduled with the Head Master, TIPA team and the Cluster Coordinator from 3pm to 3.15pm.

Awareness was not specifically raised on Art’s potential to fostering values, therefore a discussion on the matter should be included in the programme (in conclusion or as a group work).

Since some teachers in all schools asked TIPA staff to finish the workshop earlier, this request shows either a lack of motivation for the workshop or underlies general fatigue. Therefore the tutorial should be scheduled to end at 3pm latest. Moreover, we will have to liaise with Early Childhood Care and Education Authority for official circular letter on ZEP II Tutorials to request Pre-primary school staff to stay beyond their official time.
TIPA team thanks the School Inspector, Head Masters and school staff for their participation and warm welcome, the Cluster Coordinator for his precious collaboration in the organisation of the workshops, the ZEP II team for their support.