MIE training Report 2017

published by TIPA

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D.3. MIE training
Educators develop methods and tools in collaboration with colleagues to involve children and parents in activities.
Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils, and colleagues.
Educators are aware of the importance of collaboration between professionals and  develop skills and tools accordingly.
Educators recognize the value of parents & children and the importance of their participation in activities.
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
The teachers' job is valued by parents, children, colleagues, TIPA, and society in general recognizes the positive impact they have on children's education.
From March to May 2017, TIPA facilitated
25 training sessions
potentially impacted when teachers will be in service
12,500 children
6,250 parents
potentially impacted when teachers will be in service
1 MIE lecturer
collaborated with TIPA to prepare the training sessions
Over 500 trainee teachers participated
in training sessions
2 TIPA staff
facilitated the workshops
Themes addressed :
Interactive Pedagogy, Activity structure, Children's rights and responsibilities,  Valorisation, Assessment
MIE consults teachers and other education actors on the field to identify needs and opportunities concerning teacher's training
Motivated and self-confident educators
Trainee teachers feel motivated, proud and self-confident about their career as educators. The session on Interactive Pedagogy gave them the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the child, the educator and the environment; group discussions allowed them to become aware of the positive impact they can have on the pupils' learning by improving classroom environment and by consolidating teacher-parent relationships. After the training sessions, they felt equipped to deal with on-field challenges that await them.
Trainee teachers appreciated the fact that they could express themselves freely in a learning atmosphere framed with mutual respect. They found that the training's interactive approach encouraged the sharing of opinions and ideas between colleagues during group work, making the training session stimulating and fulfilling. After this experience, they also mentioned the importance of working on art, values and emotions with the children instead of focusing only on academic subjects.
Highlights below present participants' feedback recorded via a "free writing" exercise (Source: Barefoot Guide)
Giving value to the educators
Preparation of training content: 6 training sheets produced to cover each theme
Debrief of TIPA interventions with MIE lecturers + collaboration perspectives for 2018
March - May
Conduction of 25 training sessions with trainee teachers enrolled in Teachers Diploma Programme (TDP) and trainee teachers in the Holistic Education Programme (HEP)
Transcription and analysis of feedbacks collected during training
"I feel that I can create very interesting and interactive classes, value the positive aspects of my students, sensitize them about their rights and responsibilities in a fine way. I will use a lot of creativity with my students. However there is a lot to learn, but the time allowed is too limited. It would have been great if we had more seminars on such pedagogy"
MIE trainee
"After this session, I feel motivated to work with children coming from diverse backgrounds. I have become conscious of numerous factors affecting the learning process of a child. When I start teaching, I will take into consideration the child's family, background , and experiences to better help the child to learn."
MIE trainee
"It is also important that we include parents in our programme. We must let children express themselves. We should not give value only to academic subjects but also to art, values and emotions."
MIE trainee
MIE trainee
"It is really interesting and enriching experience to have this session with TIPA. We have been able to demonstrate our work on how we can do self assessment [...] this helps us to know our strengths and weaknesses in our class [...] how we can improve ourselves from feedback of children [...] We have been able to work in groups on how to design a feedback questionnaire on which we can assess the children in class, through smileys and stickers. For me, this session was really enriching and helpful for us, especially as HEP teachers in the future. Thank you"
During 1st semester 2018, TIPA will conduct 4hrs seminar sessions on Children's rights and Collaboration with parents with 300 trainee teachers enrolled in the Teachers Diploma Programme (TDP), and 9hrs training sessions in Values and Civic Education module, with 180 HEP (Holistic Education Programme) trainee teachers.

Creating awareness among the trainee teachers concerning Children's rights is in line with TIPA's aim to contribute to the protection of the latter in the school premises. Moreover, the outcome of the participants' reflection might be a potential input to the Child Protection Protocol that TIPA is currently developing in collaboration with NGO members of KDZM (Kolektif Drwa Zanfan Morisien).
7 training themes
The following themes will be covered with the different groups of trainee teachers: Creating an awareness about children’s rights, Optimizing parent-teacher’s relationship. 
Understanding Interactive Pedagogy, Children self-assessment, Activity structure, Children's rights and responsibilities, Activity assessment.
Support school staff follow-up after 
training sessions
TIPA will renew its offer for on-field support to teachers for interactive pedagogy approach and setting up of pedagogical tools. This shall be done through follow-up sessions during semester breaks to teachers who register. You want to contribute to this movement for the improvement of teachers' teaching practice ? Contact us on [email protected]
The trainee teachers appreciate being valued in the training sessions. However, the time allowed to reflect on their feelings and how they are related to the pedagogical methods used is limited. This does not guarantee the consolidation of the link between the pedagogical practices and the positive effect they can have on children. Particular attention should therefore be brought to this point at the end of the training sessions. It will also be important to allow teachers to identify their own strengths/potential and then think about those of the children and parents. 

Morever, building the sessions' content on an Art activity which is linked to the theme should enable participants to experience feeling valued and thereby understand the importance of giving value to the child and parents.

We received feedback that some students felt pressurized to present their work in front of the class. This indicates that more attention and communication will need to be done on the aim of presentations, that is, to share pratices, encourage discussion and reflection, as well open perspectives on the development of activities.

Even though 60 trainee teachers registered for follow-up sessions with TIPA after the training sessions, this could not be implemented due to conflicting time tables : in October, when the training coordinator was available, trainee teachers had an overbooked timetable. In the future, trainee teachers will be contacted after the training to organize follow-up sessions during semester breaks.
TIPA team thanks the MIE direction and lecturers for this fruitful collaboration and looks forward to keep on contributing to teachers' training in 2018.