Why Ruby's Troupe Works! (Teachable)

published by Debbie Todd

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"Belly Laughs & Fun Learning - For Small Kids...and Tall Kids!"
Ben said it BEST...
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Engage me and I LEARN."
~~Benjamin Franklin
It's Belly Laughs & Fun Learning... the Rescue!
Innovative and original skits, designed by CPA and creative theatre designer Zany puppets and "helpers" Fun Lessons that Matter for Life

Private online Q&A forum for parents and grandparents Oodles of learning activities, games and more

PLUS - Expert guided support every step of the way!
Fun Tools for "Money Smart" Kids!
Why Saving Early is SMART!
Plus... LOTS of Games and Activities Your Child will
How to DEFEAT the Wily "Want Monsta!"
Become a Smart Money Commander!*
Smart Money Commanders  is Dollars and Good Sense Kids   and is guided by Ruby and the Entire Troupe, plus Bella, Phoebe and Dr Penny the Money Smart Pet Vet..and More!
Why Strong Money Skills Matter
Money Impacts Virtually EVERY Area of Your Life!
Just a few small steps over time...YES you Can!
of USA families have less than $500 in savings!
It DOESN'T have to be this way!
The Good News is
Family and Relationships
Zest for Life
Less Debt
More Savings
Innovation +  Engagement + Empowerment
Unique, custom program with age-appropriate activities Interaction & diverse learning tools keep kids interested Simple, yet complete resources for parents and grandparents (the "tall kids") so you feel confident guiding your child to success Skits build upon each other for ease of learning and provide fun and practical "teaching moments"
"Teaching Kids  about Money Just about Money"
~~Dave Ramsey
Confidence & Money Wisdom are Healthy Skills!
One Million (or more!) Healthier, Happier Smart Money Commanders!!!
CPA Grandma at Your Side
  Successful 8 year Live Program
Experience Counts!
Ruby's Big WHY  
Demonstrated Market Need
Take our successful live program online to reach... teach and empower
Stop being limited by how far we can drive...
6 million USA children <5
Affordable for Families
Unique Program Approach
90% of Profits to Charity

Easily Assessible
Custom Shows with Purpose
Belly Laughs
Simple, Effective Activities
"Belly Laughs & Fun Learning - For Small Kids...and Tall Kids!"
Thank you!! Debbie and Phyllis
Thank you for considering Ruby's Troupe for
YOUR child's fun learning!
Creating a healthier, happier, wealthier world... one Smart Money Commander at a time!