Community Workshops Report 2017

published by TIPA

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C.2. Community workshop
Parents are aware of their capacities and find ways of improving their involvement in their children's education.
Parents are aware of the difficulties and opportunities they meet concerning their children's education.
The Ministry of Education & ZEP Unit recognize and consult the diferent actors (school staff, parents, NGOs, etc.) to identify difficulties and opportunities in the Mauritian Educational system.
Parents are welcomed in schools to meet educators and ask about their children's progress in class
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
have brainstormed the perspectives to transition from Parents Club sessions to Community Wokshop.
Parents are aware of their capacities and find ways of improving their involvement in their children's education.
were reached through Community planning sessions
were facilitated by TIPA, from May to  September  2017
3 mothers 
5 planning meetings 
were empowered to plan SWOT analysis sessions
9 old pupils  
4 old pupils  
Milestone 2
Milestone 1
Community Workshop HIGHLIGHTS
Collaboration with PorLwi by Nature 
Parents involved have full potential to identify their strength weaknesses : they can find what to do, what is achievable, and what challenges they face. They identify their strengths, their limitations and the factors that can refrain them. Collaboration with them requires us to listen to their needs and ask for clarification rather than focusing on what we think is good for them.
Following last year's collaboration, PorLwi by Nature invited the parents to facilitate a workshop with kids from other NGOs at the Caudan Waterfront. PorLwi team members were attentive 
to the workshop needs  and invited parents to facilitate activities on 2 days for 
2 hours.
Planning sessions are organised in the Youth Community Center at Tranquebar, once or twice a month, in order to encourage the old pupils to meet the parents, share ideas and discuss about the project to develop after school activities in the neighbourhood.

A SWOT analysis activity was done both by parents and children to encourage a better knowledge of the personal and contextual factors that can affect the development of the project.
Meeting Brainstorming with parents on Community Workshop
SWOT analysis
Meeting with parents and old pupils to plan Community workshop.
Recap on SWOT analysis and presentation of the tool to old puipils.
Preparation of SWOT analysis workshops by old pupils
Brainstorming on transition  from Parents Club to Community Workshop
Community empowerment
Highlights are drawn from the journal held by the terrain coordinator on the practical implications of community empowerment and the theoretical foundations explored for a submission  to the professional journal Diversité on "Territoire apprenant". 
Meeting with Essentielle Magazine journalist to talk about the initiative
Parents facilitate workshop with children from different NGOs  in PORLWI by nature at Caudan Waterfront 
Submission of article Diversité (French Professional journal) on community workshop.
Planning sessions
Leader - Parent in the 
Community workshop
"It is great to see youngsters like these, involved in this type of project"
" I am very happy that today, the old pupils, are taking over"
Old pupil at Tranquebar
"I see that this project will help parents and children to come closer to each other. Both parents and children will learn to do something together. Parents will be able to teach their children something and children can share what they know with their parents".
Parents from Tranquebar.
Help implement community workshop
In 2018 TIPA will support parents to invite artists to contribute to the developments such as organisation of artistic activities and training to facilitate workshops with other parents and children in the locality.

TIPA will also coach parents to progressively handle the implementation of the project in terms of fund raising,  networking and management the project. TIPA will also provide support to organise training in respect to the parents' needs as identified in the SWOT analysis carried during the preparation workshops.

The preparation process will be documented in order to provide a framework to support the development of community workshops in other school localities.
Partner up with parents and help implement community workshops by training parents in terms of communication or artists skills. 

Helps the parents in implementing extra curricular activities for children and families of their locality by becoming a financial partner.

The meeting at the beginning of the year 2018 will focus on finding new strategies to reach more parents and more old pupils to join the core team and support the implementation of the Community Workshop Project.

In terms of monitoring progress and development of Community workshop, parents will be encouraged to share and record their achievements and perspectives via small videos. At the beginning of the year, we will brainstorm a list of questions that can be asked and answered by parents in line with the preconditions of change (see first page of report).