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Fresh Grade
Inquiry Project   ::     EDTE 501     ::      January 29 2018
29 January, 2018
Written by: Jessica Holcomb
  Features of Fresh Grade that are useful for educators
Fresh Grade can make it easier for educators to store and file student work examples.
You can make a free account to try it out independantly
Fresh Grade allows educators to connect with parents/guardians. Fresh Grade can be used through the desktop version, or through the downloadable App. 

There may be circumstances where families are not set up with regular internet services. It is important not to cease physical letters/work home.
Track student progress and share with parents/guardians
Showcase student work, make reporting purposes easier
Communicate and share your thoughts
Add objectives at a click of a button. Link all posted work to the curriculum
Avoid the "Nothing" response - give students a reason to talk about what went well!
inquiry 2018
"So what happened in school today??"
Why Fresh Grade is Awesome:

*It allows for storage of useful information

*Easy to access 

*Meaningful communication with guardians

*Many resources and guides online to follow if you get stuck

reflect on learning!
Help your students
After doing a project, have students leave work open on desks so you can come around and take a photo for Fresh Grade! You can use your phone, school ipads, etc.
Upload grades and photos as soon as possible, or you may become overwhelmed!

learning with parents-
Build relationships!

Pictures, audio, and video can all be uploaded!

Make students excited about their learning!
Create a teacher account, it' s free to sign up.
Fresh Grade will give you prompts to complete your registration.
Steps for making an account
Enter your class info.
inquiry 2018
Being able to play around with an account before having the real deal is important! 
Use your new account to try out features, like gradebook!