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On Course
A Newsletter of the Dartmouth College Registrar's Office
Winter  2018
DartHub - a new way to access BannerStudent
DartHub is the newly designed entryway for students to access BannerStudent! Information Technology Consulting (ITC) plans to go live with DartHub in mid-April. This is the first step, with additional improvements planned later. It includes links to most student applications all in one easy to navigate location. 

The name “DartHub” was chosen from a student survey, and the concept/arrangement of the page came from numerous meetings with student groups who provided feedback on what would work best from the user perspective.
Did you know...
In 1945, a student had to pay a fee:

a)    to add, drop or exchange a    
b)    for late registration;
c)    to retake a failed course
d)    to retake a comprehensive
       exam (a graduation requirement)
e)    all of the above
Student Spotlight
DCARS Cross-List Enhancements
Improvements to the DCARS cross-list process launch in February. We have worked closely with departments and programs and the ITC staff to develop a more intuitive way to propose and make changes to cross-listed courses.We also simplified the course routing and communications to all parties involved in the cross-listing. Look for an announcement and updated DCARS Guides soon.
A More Comprehensive DartWorks Degree Audit - step by step
The Registrar’s Office continues to add major requirements to the DartWorks Degree Audit. Students whose majors are added may now track them in the same way that they view completion of their general education/degree requirements. See the Registrar’s website for the full list of majors currently supported by the DartWorks Degree Audit - link to the left. Six additional departments and programs will be complete by the end of winter term.
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Department & Program  Spotlight
Need Department/Program Data? Standardized Reports on your dashboard
All department and program Chairs, and their administrators, have access to a large set of standardized reports as part of our effort to improve faculty members’ access to student information. To view your department/program dashboard in IRA, or the Department/Program Reporting Dashboard Guide, see the links to the right). We are happy to design additional reports upon request, and/or send someone to your office to review them with you.

In addition, we provide customized reports and data to faculty members for research purposes. Faculty members may send inquiries to [email protected] to discuss any research needs.
Click here to see which majors are now supported
Click here to visit IRA
Click here to see the Department/Program Dashboard Guide
[email protected]
Contact Us:
105 McNutt Hall
e)   all of the above
Did you know... Answer:
Classrooms - Faculty tips on "how to get the classroom needed for my course(s)":
  • Let my department/program administrator know my classroom needs well in advance of the term the course is to be offered so that they can enter my request into the Timetable editor
  • Choose a time other than 10, 10A, 11, or 12 – these are the most heavily scheduled time blocks and there are a limited number of classrooms available on campus
  • Schedule in advance – courses added after the Registrar publishes the Timetable have fewer room options
  • Be specific about what features you need (moveable chairs, technology) rather than simply indicate a room preference
  • Resolve any conflicting room requests within a department/program before the administrator submits requests in the Timetable Editor (a new dashboard report will assist)
Additional Winter Highlights
AACRAO Public Policy Advisory Committee Updates
You may recall from a previous issue of On Course that José Sinclair, Academic Systems Project Manager, is a member of the AACRAO Public Policy Advisory Committee. José and the committee recently discussed how AACRAO was involved at the National level with regard to the following issues:
Get aquainted with our staff... Sal Cania, Assistant Registrar for Systems
Sal is, as his title suggests, responsible for regular maintenance and management of various Registrar systems. He is primarily responsible for enrollment reporting to the National Student Clearinghouse, and assists students with major and minor declarations. Sal also manages the publication of the annual ORC/Catalog, and updates the Registrar’s Office website. In addition, he assists with graduation-related processes, and works with students who seek to apply for transfer terms and all types of transfer credit.

You may not know…that I used to be a part-time bicycle mechanic, sales associate, and road cycle ride organizer for a local bike shop, The Bike Hub.
1.   Perkins Loans
3.   Visits to Congress by AACRAO representatives
4.   Reverse Transfer Bill (now supported in the House)
5.   Hurricane Maria – Support for Puerto Rico
6.   Joint Statement on Transfer, and Transfer Guide Best Practices
7.   GDPR – a new European Union privacy law that also impacts us