How to print or copy in KCenter La Fusée

published by KCenter SKEMA

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Get Started
Your document is digital?
Your document is paper?
Use a  Computer *  of La Fusée
the righ Printer
Connexion with SKEMA ID's
In Color: Fusée 1

In Black & White:  Fusée 2 or Fusée 3
*  You have other computers
and printers in SKEMA Computer Rooms

Scan your document
from Printer/scan
Fusée 1
or Fusée 2
     How to PRINT or COPY 
       in KCenter La Fusée

Any printing reduces your printing quota :
colour 0.40 euros
black/white 0.04 euros/print

Your printing quota is over?
Go to the IT Department
2nd solution
Use a copy machine
   You must buy
a "Cartadis Card" in the card dispenser located in hall B (near the Student Office).

- One in  Hall B near Student Office (student copy cost)

- and one in La Fusée near the printer Fusée 2  N.B.: Higher cost including copyright fees (please, use it only for photocopying a part of book or journal that cannot be borrowed)
1st solution
2 copy machines are available