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Eco-Challenge Potluck & 
Singing Angel Workshop w/ Bija Mantras
Arrive at 5:30-5:45pm for the potluck. 
Bring a dish to pass and the recipe for our community recipe book.

We will invite you to get food at 5:45PM and will introduce the Eco-challenge topic before we transition to the workshop at 6:30pm.
Friday, February 23rd 5:30-8:30pm 
1979 Mckinley, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
**This is a family-friendly event - kid’s activity available during workshop.**
Singing Angel Workshop:

Enter into Angelic awareness through sound, meditation and touch. Be in tune with Body: natural rhythms and frequencies, Mind: a change of pace “be still with the heart” and touch the One Mind of the universe, Spirit: goodness and its truth are gifts from God, present from our birth, and waiting to be allowed to grow. ULTIMATELY: Heal yourself- individually balance chi with intention.
Presenter Bio:

Doris Williams , Singing Angel, has been singing all her life.  She loves Renaissance, Celtic, Church music, Classical, jazz, some pop, and some modern music and plays lute, harp, piano.  Lately she has been wanting to branch out into teaching singing as a source of healing, comfort, release and radiant joy!  It uplifts the spirits to a higher level, right up to heaven. Website is Phone is  650-213-6463.
Intro to Bija Mantras Workshop:

Lets talk about Bijas! Ancient Sound Seeds Awaken our energy centers and allow spirit to communicate more clearly with us. We will share about 20 minutes, blending Eastern & Western techniques. Learning the ancient chakra vowels alongside the correlating tones in the Circle of Fifths.  Walk away with a simple technique to place in your energetic toolbox!
Presenter Bio:

Michelle Camilleri is a beautiful musician with multiple talents including permaculture, practicing deep love and awareness, and healing through sound and other methods.
Save The Date!
Friday, March 16th 5:30-8:30pm
Sculpting With Cob and Transition 2.0 Movie night
Thank you to all who came to the Eco-Challenge Potluck &
How to Make Kombucha & Yogurt Workshops!
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Thank you to all who came to the Eco-Challenge Potluck & How to Make Yogurt & Kombucha Skillshare event last month!

Our reskilling community’s strength and numbers continue to grow - we had a full house last month! We were so thrilled with the enthusiasm and interest from everyone. It was great to hear about so many neat projects and actions people are working on that support their personal sustainability and that of their community. We hope we can continue to inspire one another as we all look to integrate more sustainable habits into our lives.

The Eco-Challenge focus last month was Health, which we paired with a workshop on Yogurt and Kombucha making to give folks some tools to promote healthy gut bacteria. Who knew making yogurt and kombucha was so simple!? It was wonderful to learn how practical it is to make these two things at our own homes. The genuine interest and many questions from guests during the skillshares was super motivating! All in all, this was a truly exciting event and there was a ton of great energy. Thanks again to everyone involved!

We look forward to seeing everyone on February 23rd at our next event!
Eco-Challenge Focus: HEALTH
Click here to view the list of actions you can take to improve and support your personal health!
What is the Eco-Challenge? 
The Eco-Challenge, created by the Northwest Earth Institute, encourages individuals to make sustainable lifestyle choices across nine different areas of their life. You pick your Challenge(s) and set a goal that stretches your comfort zone and makes a difference for you, your community, and the planet. You can also “Create Your Own” challenge if you have a specific action in mind you’d like to work on!

How is Ann Arbor-Ypsi Reskilling using the Eco-Challenge? 
The Eco-Challenge is being used as a springboard for discussion at monthly potlucks. At each potluck, a different life area will be presented along with many actions that can be taken to make that area of our life more sustainable! We hope that everyone can walk away with the tools and motivation to work on something in this area of their life and come back to the next potluck to share experiences and learn from one another.
There will be a super blue blood moon on January 31st AND there will be a lunar eclipse!

Click here to check out a video explaining how it has been 150 years in the making!
Upcoming Free Events:
Sewing Lab: Ann Arbor District LibraryMonday, Feb. 5, 7-8:30PM, Ann Arbor District Main Library (343 S. 5th Ave.)
(Adults and teens in grade 6 & up) Get basic sewing help with unfinished projects or learn how to use the AADL sewing machines. Basic sewing instruction available. All welcome to bring their own sewing machine. Made by Rae owner Rae Hoekstra demonstrates how to read a pattern. Takes place in the Secret Lab on the lower level of the building.

BLUElab Sustainability: Ann Arbor District Library Tuesday, Feb. 6, 7-8:30PM, Ann Arbor District Library (343 S. 5th Ave) 
Lecture by members of the U-M Living Blue Challenge Team, which provides retrofit designs to make buildings self-sustaining. Audience members create their own DIY sustainable retrofit with advice from the U-M team. Takes place in the Secret Lab on the lower level of the building.

A Carbon "Price is Right”:  Harnessing the Market to Drive Down Carbon Emissions Wednesday, Feb. 7, 7-8:30PM
Ann Arbor District Main Library (343 S. 5th Ave.)
Pricing carbon is viewed by economists left, right and center as the simplest and most effective way to reduce carbon emissions. Momentum is growing: Carbon fee and dividend (CFD) and cap and trade policies are currently used, or are planned,in many parts of the world.  How do they work? How might they affect the poor, and our economy in general? This panel will explore the challenges and opportunities of market-driven strategies to address the climate crisis.

Sustainable Ann Arbor Forum:Second Thursday of Feb-Mar-Apr, 7-8:30PM, Ann Arbor District Main Library (343 S. 5th Ave.)The City of Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor District Library are hosting the seventh annual Sustainable Ann Arbor series this winter. A think tank of local stakeholders, including community organizations, local government staff, and businesses will join members of the public to discuss local sustainability efforts and challenges in the community. For more info click HERE.