Innovator's Mindset

published by Eileen Lennon

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The belief that abilities, intelligence, and talent are developed so that they lead to the creation of new and better ideas.
The Innovator's Mindset
By George Couros
Time for Reflection
Critical Thinkers
Opportunities for Innovation
Problem Solvers/Finders
Students should learn from others and then share their learning.
Strength-based learning. Give students a choice.
Everyone (teachers, admin, students) should write and reflect on what is being learned.
Example: build a hovercraft from a YouTube video.
Ask questions and challenge what you see.
Give students tough challenges and let them find innovative solutions.
8 things to look for in Today's Classroom
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Infographic by Eileen Lennon
Our job, sometimes, is simply to be the spark, help build confidence, and then get out of the way.
Connected Learning
Important that students know how to do this. Use portfolios.
Bring experts into your class via social media and video-conferencing.