MOCA-Peds Pilot 2018 Participant Summary

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Participant Summary
About You and Your Colleagues
2018 MOCA-Peds Pilot
You are one of over 6,000 pediatricians to participate in the MOCA-Peds General Pediatrics (GP) pilot in 2018
Here is a more detailed look at you 
and your colleagues 
Over 79% of those eligible to participate in the 2018 pilot registered with you!
Registration for MOCA-Peds is up in 2018 from 2017 by about 5%.  
Participant Age Breakdown
General pediatricians comprise 73% of participants but pediatricians from every subspecialty that the ABP offers are represented, including many co-sponsored subspecialties.
*Co-sponsored subspecialties offered by other member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties 
which closely mirrors the pediatric workforce
Female 67%   |   Male 33%
 Medical School Location
77%  American medical school
23 % International medical school
Work Place
You and your colleagues' primary work setting:

While most participants work in the US, there are over 100  participants working internationally
Average group practice size: 10.6 including multi-site groups
Average size: 203 including multi-site groups
Communities where you and your colleagues are working
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Using absolute percentages, age does not seem to have a large impact on hours worked per week until reaching the age groups of 60 and beyond
34.5 % of participating general pediatricians and 74.3% of subspecialists practice in locations that are affiliated with a medical school, university or academic medical center
Age Groups 
Staying Up-to-Date
You and your colleagues have been taking part in varied activities to keep up-to-date on your medical knowledge in the past 3 months:
81.7% have read journals or new guidelines
72.6% have used online resources (eg, decision support tools)
Source: MOCA-Peds 2018 Registration Survey
68.6%  took a CME activity  in-person, online, or offline
57.3% taught medical trainees
53.1% participated in a quality improvement activity
43.3% attended a professional conference
28.6% developed educational activites
28.1% participated in research activities
38.8% attended grand rounds
On average, you and your colleagues spend 78.6% of your time in direct/consultative patient care and 12.5% in administrative work