TIPA Annual Report 2017

published by TIPA

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Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts
Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts
Art has the power to feed and fuel strong values that are found within our inner selves. This power is exacerbated within children. The potential to drive that force into solid, positive impact for our society has been undermined.

TIPA’s actions and efforts throughout its years of existence have been directed to using this potential to help children grow into responsible human beings; helping them shine in their respective environment and guiding them so that they develop into thoughtful citizens, critical and analytic of what needs to be done for them to live in a better society. 

Over the years, TIPA has been gaining strength in reaching out to its objectives, which drive every one of its daily actions. The internal structure and external actions are continuously improved, evaluated through constant re-thinking of strategies and inner introspection, supported by adequate trainings and effective teamwork. 

Involvement of all surrounding partners in helping to shape the correct picture for targeted children has been an essential part of the work done: Parents’ implication has been sought for and kept as an essential link to the chain; Sharing of knowledge and best practices with others – including NGO partners and teachers – has been an effective way of reaching out to a larger part of the population; nurturing and reinforcing strategic partnerships with key financial and governmental stakeholders have helped to build on and anchor TIPA’s successful experiences in solid grounds…  

Well done to the team for the work done in 2017 and for setting the tone for a rich and exciting 2018! Each new year brings along new or existing challenges, and TIPA’s capacity of reinventing itself and capitalizing on its people first has been part of its inner force. 
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The staff shows great commitment in working hard towards the common goals. The effort done by the team for TIPA’s actions to have a positive impact on the Mauritian society is a collective one. 

There is still scope for improvement in terms of soliciting the children’s participation in the conceptualisation of the artistic activities done at TIPA and enhancing their roles and responsibilities to effectively transmit to their peers the different skills and values acquired.

In other words, keeping the focus on turning these kids into dynamic actors of change, with a ripple effect. Change takes time. But TIPA’s actions over time are showing fruitful outcomes.
Evan Sohun
After year 2 of our ambitious 5-year Programme, looking back on this journey, TIPA team is thrilled to share with you its achievements and challenges! We are proud of the well implemented actions and 2017 objectives reached. Our efforts are rewarded with the enthusiasm of children in creativity classes, and the team is boosted by the continuous improvement of our educational tools and by sharing them with the teachers. Training initiatives expanded this year, and we have already reached some indicators aimed for 2020! We also launched one of our new actions: "Community Workshops", with a dynamic group of 4 parents and 9 youth in the locality of Tranquebar. 

2017 also came with its challenges, for instance the difficult mobilization of parents due to limited human resources and having to depend on the Ministry of Education’s services. To support the actions on the field and improve the quality of our services to vulnerable people, it was necessary to optimize TIPA’s operating systems, namely: governance, management, human resources, financial resources and external relations. We therefore, invested in the development of new skills within the team: trainers’ competencies, advocacy, positive discipline and time management. This year, all the team also benefited from a continuous training in Impact Assessment, which encouraged each team member to develop specific tools for the actions for which he/she is responsible, thereby empowering TIPA team!

The next challenge for our team is the development of 2 new actions, while ensuring the good evolution of the actual ones. In this challenge, we also need to take in consideration the multiple constraints due to our limited human and financial resources.

In This report, we wish to share with you a general presentation of TIPA’s actions, with key performance indicators (KPIs) for this year, as well as our performance compared to the objectives planned until 2020. You will also find here the distribution of the financial resources, over the year, as well as a specific evaluation of every action. Concerning fundraising, we tried to vary our sources of income, in order to reduce our dependency to the CSR. TIPA is proud to have participated for the first time in an international crowd funding campaign! Through Global Giving and by achieving the target aimed, we are now part of this platform, which, we hope, will open other international opportunities.

All these actions were made possible, thanks to a dynamic and engaged team, a supportive managing committee, as well as valuable collaborators, namely Dr Emilie Carosin (responsible for the Impact Assessment), Bruneau Woomed (team coach) and Jacquemine Latham Koenig (team regulation). My warmest thanks to each of you, collaborators of the public, private sector and members of the civil society who contributed to getting closer to of our vision of empowering vulnerable people! 
Enjoy the reading! 
Angélique De La Hogue TIPA Programme Manager
TIPA staff
Teambuilding (B.2)
Flag Days 
General Assembly of Members
Presentation at a Colloquium Positive Psychology
Training on Positive Discipline received by 1 TIPA staff
Training on advocacy received by 1 TIPA staff
Action plan 2017
Launching of Creativity Classes (A.1)
Time management workshop for whole team
Training of trainers for whole team
Staff meetings in schools (A.1 & B.3)
Launching of Parents' Club (C.1)
Launching of creativity classes (A.1 & B.3)
Networking for advocacy & awareness (C.3) 
Launching of training sessions with MIE (D.3)
Presentation at a Colloquium Positive Psychology in Reunion
Brainstorming with parents for Community workshops (C.2)
Start of Positive Discipline Training wit parents at Vallijee Government School (C.1)
Art exhibition in schools (A.1 & B.3)
SWOT analysis with parents (C.3)
Presentation at University of Namibia
Launching of Facilit'Art training (D.1)
Class and School events (A.2)
2 press articles published with KDZM, in reaction to budget speech
1 magazine article valuing parents at Tranquebar.
1 article published by KDZM.
Conderence - debate organised by Ombudsperson for Children.
Intervention of an Artist in creativity classes (A.1 & B.3)
Tutorials in 5 ZEP schools of Zone 2
Training on Fundraising
Global Giving accelerator campaign
SWOT analysis with old pupils (C.3)
End of creativity classes & teachers' feedback 
(A.1 & B.3)
Focus groups with Financial Partners Recruitment of an Art Facilitator
 Facilit'Art exhibition and Certificate ceremony (D.1)
Launching of Parents Support Programme at Nicolay Government School (C.1)
Training on impact assessment for whole team
Children Rights Day : KDZM Training (C.3) 
Workshop for children by parents with PorLwi by light 
Re-organisation of office space 
Children feel respected, are confident and express themselves freely. They are self-motivated and want to participate.
313 ZEP children reached through Creativity Classes and 490 participated in School Events
Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues
16  ZEP teachers reached through creativity classes & team building
Parents are engaged in their child's education; they have good relationships and trust the school staff.
81 parents reached through parents club and community workshops
Educators (NGO Facilitators and other teachers) develop methods and tools in collaboration with colleagues, to involve children and parents in activities
10 educators reached through Facilit'Art Training
Creativity classes
School events
Parents' club
MIE training
Facilit'Art training
500 teachers through MIE and HEP Trainings.
131  ZEP school staff reached through ZEP II tutorials
ZEP II training
Team Building
Parents, children, teachers, MOEHR and citizens work together to help every child achieve his potential and participate in the country's development
In consultation with actors and partners we have developed conditions and pre-conditions of change for each of them, to reach our vision. We present below the number of actors and related activities mobilised to work towards our vision.
Vision for central actors : Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues.
Project B : Collaborative educational environment
The target aimed for the project B this year were partly reached. We appreciated the collaboration with 17 teachers in the implementation of creativity classes and the development of pedagogical tools.

But we still need to develop new strategies to empower the teachers in implementing creativity classes autonomously and  improve  school staff attendance at team building sessions. Another challenge is the launching of site visits in the school locality and the completion of a Child Protection Protocole.
For details see Action reports on A.1 Creativity classes and B.3 collaboration with teachers, B.1 Team Building, B.2 School locality site visits, and B.4 Follow-up of children with difficulties
Vision for central actors : Children feel respected, are confident and express themselves freely. They are self-motivated and want to participate.
313 ZEP children participated to Creativity Classes 
17  ZEP teachers collaborated to implement creativity classes (B.3)
50 % of Child protection protocole developed (B.4)
Project A : Confident and Participative Children
We have already reached of target aimed for 2020 in terms of number of children reached: 538 pupils participated since 2016 compared to 525 targeted between 2016 and 2020. As planned in our Programme the creativity classes are based on a 3-year cycle for sustainable impact for pupils and teachers.

For details see Action reports on A.1 Creativity classes, A.2 Class and school events.
No school locality site visits organized (B.1)
46 % of staff present at team building (B.2)
490 ZEP children participated in School Events
The charts below present TIPA's impact concerning our targets aimed for 2017, in our four Projects, as well as the cumulated number of actors involved, in 2016 and 2017, compared to the target aimed for 2020. A brief explanation on our level of performance and remedial strategies is given. Further details are included in reports specific to each action.
Vision for central actors : Parents are engaged in their child's education; they have good relationships and trust the school staff.
77 parents reached through parents club, parents' support programme and community schools (C.1)
Project C : Sustainable communities
The target aimed for this year was partly reached, as we are dependent on the services of the Ministry of education for the invitation of parents to attend sessions in the school premises. We are thinking of new strategies for parents mobilisation, such as the validation in advance, by the ZEP Unit,  of specific content such as positive discipline. We are also considering different time slots and venues.
For details see Action reports on C.1 Parents' club, C.2 Community workshops, C.3 Advocacy & Awareness.
5 mothers and 9 old pupils empowered through community workshops (C.2)
Close collaboration with 1 network of NGOs in Education (C.3)
The Community Workshops is a new action and was launched this year, with the following objective : involving 20 old pupils in trainings and assisting TIPA team in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of creativity sessions and awareness activities.

We are on track concerning our target aimed for 2020 and are motivated by the parents and old pupils dynamism in this action.
The 2020 target concerning this action is networking with at least 12 NGOs for advocacy. TIPA is a member of KDZM (Kolektif Drwa Zanfan Morisien), comprising of 9 other NGO members and 4 individual members. We are on track concerning this target and still need to improve our collaboration and advocacy efficiency. 
Vision for central actors : Educators (NGO Facilitators and other teachers) develop methods and tools in collaboration with colleagues, to involve children and parents in activities.
Project D : Innovative practionners
We have reached our 2020 target concerning the number of MIE trainee teachers, trained on values education! The initial target was 600 trainee teachers; we under estimated the demand from MIE and are  satisfied of having been able to respond properly. We will propose those interested to participate to follow-up sessions aiming at consolidating the acquired skills.
For details see Action reports on A.1 Creativity classes and B.3 collaboration with teachers, B.1 Team Building, B.2 School locality site visits, and B.4 follow-up of children with difficulties
10 NGO educators reached through Facilit'Art Training (D.1)
178 trainee teachers trained
525 HEP trainee teachers trained (D.3)
131 ZEP school staff reached during ZEP 2 workshops in 2017 (D.2)
70 parents and educators surveyed for the online sharing platform (D.4)
We are on track for reaching the target of training 400 teachers involved in ZEP schools and still need to improve our strategy, such as increasing the number of training hours, as well as the development of contents specific to the teachers needs.
This action targets the training of 50 educators from other NGOs. Since 2016, 30 of them participated were involved. We are confident to reach our 2020 target and also need to make sure that the skills developed are implemented par the participants.
This survey was implemented to identify the needs of the potential users of this new platform. We are planning to launch this new action, aiming at empowering a larger panel of educational actors. The 2020 targets are: more than 100 documents shared, 500 viewers and 50 active users.
Financial Partners
Our sponsors represent valuable partners in the implementation of our actions. In addition to the funding of activities, the involvement of the companies' staff represent a real support to the TIPA team. This year,  financial partners  got further involved in the schools, with the children, school staff and parents, namely in school events. Financial partners are also actively involved in shaping our actions by giving ideas and participating to our focus groups. This strengthened partnership deeply energised the TIPA team and brought a holistic support to TIPA's action. We believe regular interactions between the different stakeholders will strengthen the social fabric of the NGO and thus guaranty the success of the programme.
The faithful involvement of artists in school and class events, as well as, training of facilitators is essential in sharing and developing our cultural identity. The contact with artists represents a real opening on our world and it's beauty.  They bring new perspectives to both children and facilitators that feel empowered and valued in their capacity to create and to contemplate beauty. TIPA is grateful for their sensibility and engagement to address social issues. Their direct and indirect support adds value to the activities carried by the NGO. In 2018, TIPA really wishes to develop stronger partnerships with artists by inviting them to contribute to enhancing the quality of our activities.
ZEP Unit, Ministry of Education
The ZEP Unit has trusted TIPA's action for more than 10 years now and we are honored to be part of the ZEP 2 Programme since 2015. This programme includes four axes : Continuous professional development, Parents support programme, Ressource centre & Research. Under the continuous professional development axe, TIPA has developed a model for school tutorials aimed at reinforcing collaboration within the school staff and promoting a positive school atmosphere. Piloted in seven schools it will be implemented in all ZEP schools in 2018 ! We thank the ZEP Unit and Ministry of education for this opportunity to contribute actively to the improvement of the education sector.
Mauritius Institute of Education
Since 2015, TIPA has been collaborating with the MIE to train teachers (in service and trainees). This collaboration has led to a joint training manual on values education in 2015 and training activities for seminars in 2015, 2016 and 2017. For the year 2018, several training content will be developed : fostering collaboration between teachers and parents, children's rights and values education. TIPA is honored to be entrusted by the MIE to contribute to teachers' training and to shape teaching culture in Mauritius.
"On this day, it was the first time I could meet the parents" "The parents response was wonderful; they came with enthusiasm and got a very positive glimpse of the good things that children do at school"
"Well done TIPA! Nowadays, those who have a certain knowledge or an experience, will it be small or big, need to have the moral and social responsibility for passing it on to others. It is by putting the focus on this sharing of knowledge and experiences, that we will be able to build an educated, fair and balanced world."
External Trainer
"As a partner, TIPA is ever willing to contribute to our think tank and proactively help the team generate effective solutions as issues emerge. Its members are trained in several educational areas and are effective in delivering specific training to educators. They are continuously engaging in continuous professional development and in doing so, actively contribute to ZEP II’s capacity-building.  The TIPA team are highly valued ZEP II team members who always respond to the call of duty; each member brings unique expertise to the team and shares our vision of breaking the cycle of poverty through education, with sincerity. We thank them for being dedicated as well as competent: it certainly assists us in being a more effective movement."
Ridwana Timol, Member of ZEP Unit, Ministry of Education
"It is the admiration for this small group of people dedicated to the cause which affects me and urged me to follow and to participate in the actions of Tipa. Targeting the children of unprivileged backgrounds with a structured  approach and also at the level of the family, at the environment seems to me logical ... And finally the pedagogy through art inspires me because after all art isn't it the way to connect and to express our inner self ! I believe fundamentally that self-knowledge brings to a certain form of wisdom, and certainly to become a responsible and respectful citizen."
Volunteer & Artist
Aurelie Desveaux Barbe - Financial partner
"GSA, filiale de Crédit Agricole, vise à exercer ses activités d’une manière responsable et éthique vis-à-vis de la société mauricienne au travers des actions de CSR. GSA souhaite encourager TIPA à défendre avec ferveur,  son engagement, sa proximité et son dévouement vis-à-vis des enfants des écoles ZEP. TIPA mise beaucoup sur le développement de son personnel d’encadrement pour que tout le monde puisse travailler dans la même direction. En tant qu’entreprise, hormis le support financier, nous encourageons nos collaborateurs à prêter- main forte lors des activités organisées par TIPA. Nous pensons grandement que cette proximité les aide à mieux intégrer la société mauricienne et créée un environnement propice à leur développement."
Financial resources are essential for our Programme implementation, as well as in kind contributions and volunteer support. This year again, TIPA invested much energy and effort in fundraising, being able to cover 75% of the budget until the end of activities. Remaining 25 % were received during the third week of December. Consequently, some new actions such as the Online Collaborative Platform and site visits in schools locality, could not be developed as planned this year. 

In 2018, we will have to face further challenges in financing our Programme, due to changes in the National CSR policy. More than ever, we count our sponsors' encouragements and support to sustain our work, while exploring new funding opportunities.
In order to better support our actions on the field and increase to NGO's capacity towards the empowerment of our central actors, we have identified, with the help of our partners,  the areas of improvement in the 6 operating systems at TIPA : 1) Programme, 2) Governance, 3) Management, 4) Human Resources, 5) Financial Resources and 6) External relations. 
Professionalising the NGO
+230 6740536
We are developing new actions such as the training of TIPA staff, based on a human resources projection of the Programme needs. The TIPA team is engaging in the elaboration of a Charter of Ethics, including internal rules and good governance policy. Business continuity and  a risk management protocole will be elaborated, as well as improved financial management, partnerships and networking. Exciting !
A, Abbé de la Caille Str, Curepipe 74301, Mauritius
Partner up !
[email protected]
TIPA is looking for partners to support it's intervention in ZEP schools and communities. Support us through contributions in kind (paint, stationery, etc) or via donations (individual or CSR). You can also create awareness and provide financial support by reaching to your colleagues and friends to organise fundraising events such as "tombolas", "bingos" etc.
Special thanks to: Patrick Laverdant for creating beautiful awareness material (pictures). BDO, Blue Connect and Deutsche Bank volunteers for their dynamic support during school events and Flag Days.

  Artists Jean Yves l'Onflé, Nathalie Rezanah, Kan and Sylvio de Lapeyre for sharing their passion with pupils and school staff. Ministry of Education, more particularly the ZEP II team for their engagement in improving the educational sector in Mauritius. Thank you to the children, parents, educators, NGOs  and financial partners for their valuable involvement and support.
Alcohol and Molasses, Amaris Foundation, ATS Manufacturing Co Ltd, Axys Group, BDO Co. Ltd, BLI Mauritius, Box Office Ltd, Bronze Peacock, Cap Performance, Caudan Communauté, Confident Asset Management, COROI Maurice Ltd, Cuisine Intégrale, Currimjee Family Association, Dale International Trust Co Ltd, DISC, Domaine de Grande Rivière Noire, Edendale Foundation, Gold Story, Global Servicing Activities, Hardy Henry Ltd., La Prudence Leasing, Mauriden Ltd, MDIT, National CSR Foundation, Petite Rivière Investment Ltd, Point Gourmand Ltd, Ravior, Rey & Lenferna, Société des Aigrettes, Summit Trust Ltd, Velvindron Products Co. Ltd.