School Locality Site Visits Report 2017

published by TIPA

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B.2. School locality site visits (new)
ZEP Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues
Educators visit the neighbourhood, meet parents, recognize their capacity and ask for their contribution in their children's education.
The Ministry of Education & ZEP Unit recognize and consult the diferent actors (school staff, parents, NGOs, etc.) to identify difficulties and opportunities in the Mauritian Educational system.
Parents are welcomed in schools to meet educators and ask about their children's progress in class
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
Actions implemented
The project has been presented to the new Parents Mediator at Guy Rozemont Govt. School.

It was difficult to set up this project as Parents Mediator as well as school staff have difficulty to find appropriate time to go out and visit parents in the locality. The only free time that educators have is their lunch time. 

Another issue that has been a difficulty for the implementation of the project is the lack of communication between parents and school staff. 

In 2018, Parents Club sessions, will be used as a platform where educators can  meet parents and together think on how they can work in collaboration and find strategies for a better  communication between school staff and parents. In those meeting TIPA team, educators and parents can develop strategies for site visit in the neighborhood project.

The core group in Parents Club who is actually helping in the planning sessions for Parents Club could help conducting those visit in the neighbourhood 
together with the
TIPA team.