Follow-up Children in Difficulties Report 2017

published by TIPA

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B.4. Follow-up of children with difficulties (new)
School staff work together with parents, colleague (teachers, social workers, psychologists etc.) NGOs and CSR to find common solutions to improve their pupils' education.
School managers & school staff are aware of their capacities and procedures and find ways to improve children's follow up and school life
The Ministry of Education & ZEP Unit recognize and consult the diferent actors (school staff, parents, NGOs, etc.) to identify difficulties and opportunities in the Mauritian Educational system.
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
School "managers" plan moments to brainstorm ways to improve children's education and school life in collaboration with parents, colleagues, NGOs and CSRs.
Actions implemented
TIPA Art Facilitators identified, in collaboration with the teachers, pupils that seem to face particular behavioural difficulties in class ; recurrent aggressiveness, severe inhibition, sexualised behaviours etc. TIPA's Terrain Coordinator referred these cases to the schools Head Masters, during their regular meetings.

TIPA also facilitated collaboration between the school Management and a sponsor, in order to implement remedial classes with 35 pupils with learning difficulties at Vallijee G.S.
TIPA will lead the development of a child protection protocol with other NGOs that will comprise, among others, the following steps: - Know the law, rules and regulations concerning child protection - Define the term “children in difficulty” - Collect information on the children's situation in the localities where the Programme is implemented - Identify the services and institutions dealing with the child protection - Identify difficulties that can be tackle together with HM - Process cases
 according to law.