Class & School Events Report 2017

published by TIPA

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A.2. Class & school events
Children feel respected, are confident and express themselves freely. They are self-motivated and want to participate.
were organised
1 music day, 1 Art festival and classwise presentations during afternoon assembly
were valued during the events
 490 children
Children are aware that they have rights & responsibilities, they are invited to participate and express themselves.
The ZEP Project, school and TIPA provide moments & resources for educators to search for, use and share educational tools and activities that value children and their progress in class, with their colleagues
Artists are invited think on artistic education and suggest activities to improve artistic and cultural education in school and neighbourhood
more than 270 parents of Tranquebar and Vallijee
attended the events
Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :
3 artists : Nathalie Rezannah, Kan , and Sylvio de Lapeyre
facilitated Art workshops at Vallijee G.S
8 parents : 7 at Vallijee G.S and 1 at G.Rozemont G.S
helped organising mini-expo and prepared children for the show
33 teachers
prepared and organised shows with pupils for the events
8 volunteers  - 6 from Deutsche bank and 2 individuals
helped during the events
Artists were also present to share and facilitate workshops with parents, children and school staff in their respective domain.
Milestone 2
Milestone 1
Music Day at Guy Rozemont
 Art Festival at Vallijee G.S
Classwise presentations at Pointe aux Sables
During the Art festival, a mixed program that included music, dance, drama shows and art exhibitions were presented to  parents and other children.

Children developed the ability to converse with adults as after each show they asked for feedbacks from the audience.
For the first time, class wise presentations were done after the afternoon assembly twice a week infront of all other classes and school staff. Teachers , Art Facilitators prepared the children to speak independently and express their opinions and ideas about various themes. Unfortunately parents were not able to attend due to various organisational difficulties.
Debriefing with staff
Discussion with Art Facilitators and Terrain Coordinator about activities for School events
The following highlights are drawn from parents and children's feedback collected just after each show  and during debriefing meetings in October to collect their impressions and recommendations for future events.
Meeting HM to prepare Music day
Staff meeting at Guy Rozemont to organise Music Day
Music Day at Guy Rozemont
Meeting with HM / DHM and CC to organise presentations at Pointe aux Sables
Meeting with Staff for preparation of Art festival at Vallijee

Art Festival 
at Vallijee

Classwise Presentation during afternoon assembly at Pointe aux Sables
Finalise feedbacks 
and reports
The whole school was mobilised for the Music Day. Class teachers, TIPA Art Facilitator and HEP teachers, encouraged the children to express themselves using different voices, tones, facial expressions and body language hence built up their confidence and self esteem.

Moreover one class benefited from parental involvement through the preparation of a dance. This created a valuable relationships between the class teacher and the parent.
ZEP school teacher
"The pupils were not shy and I appreciated receiving an invitation card to come and see the show it was the first time". "The day was very nice and I like to receive a lunch and do artistic activities with my child".
"I did the music workshop with the instruments made from recycled materials and children were very intrigued by the different sounds coming out...  I had a wonderful time".

"We were satisfied with  the children's presentation and felt proud that they participated."
"We were happy to participate to the assembly, although it was hard when some children made negative comments".
With the help of the school staff, TIPA identified the following perspectives to ensure better collaboration in the organisation of the school events :  
Class and School events 2018
TIPA wishes to empower school staff and parents to organise school events and cover all logistic aspects (podium and sound system set up). The TIPA team, on their side, will focus on motivating classes throughout the year to present their achievements and suggest warm up activities during morning assembly .
Contribute to School events
Help us value children's artworks by providing materials and equipments such as sound system, podium and exhibition boards. Contribute to the festivities by offering food and beverages to pupils, school staff and parents. Contact Jany at [email protected]
Children's presentations during the music day, art festivals and class wise presentation helped value their work and activities in class. The teachers as well felt valued and proud of their pupils' achievements. Parents were impressed that children showed confidence  on stage and they thanked the teachers for all the preparations done beforehand.

For next year, further preparation should be done with children to ensure respect of every child during presentations and help them give constructive criticism (instead of negative comments).

  • More volunteers at the front gate of the school yard to ensure better control and security
  • Find two different places for the distribution of food  to parents.
  • Ensure visibility of the art exhibition, for example, by making sure it is not too far from the podium where all parents, school staff and pupils are.