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School Counseling Program Profiles (SC PROs) are infographics that provide an overview of what school counselors do to make a difference at their school sites every day.
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Published SC PROs are peer-reviewed for alignment with key elements of the ASCA National Model and WASC Accreditation.
SC PROs Published

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Graduate Students Published

SC PROs are published on the CASC website at:
Participating Universities
Graduate students from six school counseling programs have been the primary authors since the Profile Initiative began in 2016.
CSU, Long Beach
Bob Tyra, Adjunct Professor (Retired)
CSU, East Bay
Sharon Rieckewald, Adjunct Professor
University of  San Francisco
Dr. Angela Tang, Assistant Professor
Howard University
Dr. Beverly Booker-Ammah, School Counseling Faculty Lead
University of La Verne
Dr. Kathy Elderson, Fieldwork Coordinator
Dr. Nancy Jarman-Dunn, Adjunct Professor
Sonoma State University
Julie Natalini, Adjunct Professor
Sheila Souder, Adjunct Professor
SC PROs Published
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