Online Sharing Platform Report 2017

published by TIPA

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D.4. Online sharing platform (new)


Educators (NGO Facilitators and other teachers) develop methods and tools in collaboration with colleagues to involve children and parents in activities.

Educators are aware of the importance of collaboration between professionals and  develop skills and tools accordingly.

Members and volunteers are invited to think about difficulties encountered in children's education and suggest sensitization activities.

Pre-conditions needed to reach our vision :

The ZEP Project, school, and TIPA provide moments & resources for educators to search for, use, and share educational tools and activities that value children and their progress in class, with their colleagues.


1 online survey conducted

to identify users' needs, develop users profile and possible contents 

50 parents and educators surveyed 

on their educational needs

20 educators surveyed in ZEP schools and Facilit'Art training

on their educational needs

22 participants identified as potential testers 

via the survey campaign


Artists are invited think on artistic education and suggest activities to improve artistic and cultural education in and for the school community.

Project development methodology(Scrum) 

studied to foster user participation 

1 development team

chosen to develop the project

3 Personas (user profiles) developed

Teachers, parents and educators profil to elaborate users process




Develop and adjust survey for teachers, parents and artists

August to October 



Identify potential activity content and further developments
Develop personas

Analysis of survey to identify the demand

Survey diffusion

Plan survey with researcher

Development and presentation of Scrum method for TIPA

This product development method has been chosen as it aligns with TIPA's vision and values. Indeed, the scrum method is a participative method based on efficiency and creativity that involves various stakeholders starting from developers to users. It provides a framework for efficient collaboration by focusing on the development of ready-to-use features by developers, which can then be tested by users and adjusted according to their needs.The scrum method have five important values that are essentials for the progress of the project : commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect.

The survey helped us to understand and identify parents and educators needs and priorities in terms of access and sharing of artistic activities. As a result user profiles were developed and online sharing platform content was identified as relevant within TIPA's ressources : art activities, etc. 
The survey results also contributed to identify factors taken in consideration by parents and educators when searching for artistic and educational content online 45.1% of the respondents reported searching for art activities once a week and 43% daily. This information confirmed the relevance of this action for these parents and educators. Furthermore, 22 participants have communicated their willingness to participate to the development of the platform through mail exchange or regular meeting. 



Meet developer to set collaboration framework 



The scrum development method


Educational practitioners can be empowered through communication channels that internet can offer. We believe that the sharing of good practices is essential in order to address those issues in the educational sectors to provide quality education to all Mauritian children. In addition, educators need to be able to choose within a wide range of activities to face the challenges brought by enhanced communication and media. As the pupils evolve quickly they need a dynamic and evolving pedagogical approach, that will be adjusted to their profile and responsive adults that can help them in their evolution.

The website will host educational activities and tips, mainly artistic activities and pedagogical tools developed by TIPA’s art facilitators and activities related to pedagogy and child development. It will be developed for parents and educators that are looking for artistic activities, low artistic material price, for home or a whole class activity, tips for positive discipline, class management, pedagogical tools and possibilities to share personal activities or ideas that have been tried at home or in classes with collegues .  By facilitating access to activities developed by the TIPA and by encouraging sharing of resources, we hope that we will directly contribute to the development and implementation of quality artistic activities at school and at home, and that it will foster creative skills and dialogue on interactive pedagogy, artistic and cultural education.

The online collaborative platform is a great idea and will help me to have direct access to information that will improve my teaching skills and find new ideas to develop a child centered approach.

Facilit'art participant

Being able to have access to new artistic materials and where will I be able to find them will be an advantage for me. It will help me to save time, and allow me to be more creative in my classes and with my pupils. The platform can help us find alternatives to tackle  discipline problem in the classroom.

ZEP teacher


The following highlights came after sharing the idea of the project with teachers and educators :

Volunteers needed

Build the Online Sharing Platform with us 

You are  a professional  in education,  psychology, parental skills or positive discipline, the platform can host your articles to help parents and educators access more easily to interesting information and effective tools.

For more info and registration, contact [email protected]

You are a parent, an educator, an artist, an IT technician and want to help us in the development of the platform by participating in focus groups and reflexion ?

 Contact:  [email protected]




TIPA will regularly meet parents and educators to include them in the development of the online collaborative platform. Together with them and the developers, TIPA will develop user processes in order to specify relevant features that can be developed by the development team. The users will use the platform during the focus group and will directly specify his/her difficulty during the process. The development will take notes of those difficulties and will adjust the application to help the users to navigate more easily on the platform.

The project is expected to encourage the sharing of more than 100 artistic activities, pedagogical tools developed by TIPA. Supported by list of materials and local suppliers.

We are looking forward for a very close collaboration between professionals of education, artist and the ministry of education for the project to be successfully operational. We aim to promote life skills and cultural education and to do so teachers, parents, educators and artist must be valorised.