HEARD Deaf Prison Correspondence January 2018 Summary

published by HEARD

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"I received a postcard from you, i was pleased to know that you guys not give up, and I was blessed to be heard that it felt right and I need this it just choked me up to cry and alway believe there is someone out there really care to people who really understand to us . . ."

HEARD Deaf Prison Correspondence
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Contact came from
of all contacts were related to violence & communication deprivation.
different states
& the District 
of Columbia.**
HEARD received 
contacts from 
or about deaf 
More than
**The District of Columbia does not have a prison so imprisoned people from DC are held in federal prisons across the nation.

"I want V.P. in prison. The warden and HeadQuarter say NO! It's discriminal at D.O.C. prison. Please write me a letter more info a complaint."

". . . there's no ASL interpreter nor is there any form of ADA coordinator or ADA help or platform to be heard about issues or problems. My grievances get "lost" they did not give me a grievance number for the CO slamming my finger in the door and then refusing to give me medical treatment for over 10 days. . . I am in the hole so I don't get to get the necessary people to be able to deal with my problems for ADA issues. I need to outside help with contacting the Department of Justice or NDOC. . . now I'm being victimized with nowhere to turn for help."
"They is never get no Interpreter for me and They don't understand me Sign Language, the Doctor the nurse Too and I did write 'Request silp' for get an Interpreter ADA for me many time But Them even get it I trying to Explain to the Doctor, the nurse EveryThing What I need Meds . . . 
and I want to going to School 
NO Interpreter That it's very sad!"
"I am hard of hearing and have been wrongfully convicted . . .  receiving a sentence of Life."
*HEARD created the only national database of imprisoned Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled & Hard of Hearing people.
HEARD collected the information below from our imprisoned Community members during January 2018.
sharing information about deaf imprisoned people at

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HEARD received contact from or about deaf imprisoned people in this state in January.
HEARD did NOT receive contact from or about deaf imprisoned people in this state in January.