11 Ways to Increase School Safety Right Now

published by Eileen Lennon

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11 Ways to Increase School Safety Right Now
1. Love Students
Maslow’s before Bloom. Your students must be loved before they can learnRead about the 5 shifts neededto implement this.
2. Fix Broken Doorknobs
In some schools classroom doorknobs are broken leaving them vulnerable to outside danger. This is not acceptable. A quick help desk type of system could address this.
3. & 4. Get Trauma Training & Foster Licensed
Teachers and parents should get trauma training. I took a 30-hour class from an organization called You Gotta Believe which provided methods for raising traumatized children. 
If all parents and teachers received training in supporting traumatized kids, children would be more adequately served and supported. 
5. Install Bullet Resistant Glass In Classroom Doors
In the Florida school shooting, the gunman shot out the glass then sprayed bullets into classrooms killing students. Install bullet proof glass or doors on every classroom. 
6. Know The Dangers of Psychiatric Medication
As Peter R. Breggin, MD explained in his book, “Reclaiming Our Children,” psychiatric drugs commonly cause psychoses and aggression in children. If a school has students on such medication, they should be aware and determine precautionary measures.
7. Dramatically Reduce Teacher Class Load

There are teachers who literally have hundreds of students. Administrators who carelessly schedule teachers with more than 150 students are sending a clear message to students, staff, and families that they are not valued. Read this article on the science behind why this is true.

 9. Better Response to Bullying
In too many schools bullies are simply suspended or expelled. Yes, the child should be removed from the school so others are not in harm’s way, but it shouldn’t end there. The children engaging in these activities must receive the intervention, support, guidance, and follow up necessary to ensure they are not endangering themselves and others.
Don’t make schools feel like prisons with metal detectors and armed teachers, make them more like churches. Places where the community is loved and supported. Places where members are treated like family. Places where mental health services and support are provided. These 10 ideas will help you get started.
8. Take Lessons from Churches
10. Cyberbullying Awareness
When we hear of school violence these days, we often learn the issue presented itself online, right under the noses of adults. Some ways to avoid this include:
  • Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors can monitor online spaces in a non-invasive way
  • Schools can put in place anonymous reporting structures where screenshots and links can be included so peers, staff, and family can submit concerning behavior
  • Schools can use monitoring tools like
  • Adults can get connected, operate in, be in touch with, and understand the online world of students
11. More Guidance Counselors & Therapists
Our students need more guidance counselors and time for such services built into the schedule of every single student. Yes. Reallocate school funding to reduce periods for traditional classes and increase time for all students to receive adequate guidance from counselors. 
Infographic by @eileen_lennon
written by @InnovativeEdu