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Effective engagement of the learner is vital to the success of an educational & training program. A traditional classroom consists of an instructor interacting with the learners. 

How can engagement be accomplished in eLearning classes?

What does it take to design, create and implement eLearning classes that are very interesting and engage your learners to the screen? 

Here are 5 infographics to guide your journey toward engaging an online learner.
2.   Add Interactives: 

The eLearning class can be designed to be more engaging by adding interactive animations, like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, Video Simulations, slide shows, etc.
3.   Create Interactive Assessments:

Assessments should be a click and go style. It can be engaging to the learner by using games, drag & drop, scenarios, etc.
1.   Include Scenarios:

Using scenarios in eLearning engages your learner.
The real-life scenarios make the course more relevant to the learners.
4.   Use Gamification:

Game-based Learning is like assigning a challenge to a learner.
It motivates the learner by wins and rewards.
5.   Include Case Studies:

Case studies in eLearning courses are a form of problem based learning. 

It can be thought-provoking, keeping the learner engaged and involved.
by Vickie Horne

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