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The Ethical Route
Creating Meaningful Learning
by Corey Hixson
Any research should find a dream in solving social problems.
Social Relevance
Teaching is a process of facilitating learning, in a prosocial way.
Positively Address Ethical Dillemmas
Teaching can be a process of social change, which can create questions of right and wrong.
Being an accountable teacher engages learning effectively and visibly.
Teaching reflects accurate and current information, and does not contain hidden agendas or hyperbole.
Learning happens both through instruction and observation. Being a good example can be as effective as instructing.
Students should be able to connect lessons with the larger life-context.
Meaning for the Student
Equity and Compassion
Teaching empowers people to have autonomy and to become a part of the social context in a way of their own choosing. Not of another's choice.
Teaching is an inclusive process, without group or social bias, and without exclusion.