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On Course
A Newsletter of the Dartmouth College Registrar's Office
Spring  2018
DartHub has Arrived
April 16th DartHub went live! DartHub replaces the Banner student menu page with a new look. The DartHub launch kicks off a series of Banner system improvements to transform its look and feel. It was a collaboration between students, ITC (Information, Technology, & Consulting), and student administrative offices.
Student Spotlight
Registration interface - the next phase in Banner improvements
Do you wish Banner registration was more intuitive and easier to use (including on mobile devices)? We are in the early stages of a project with ITC to update Dartmouth’s registration interface and search functions. The project goal is to integrate as much course information as possible into an improved course search interface. We will also improve some behind-the-scenes procedures to provide a more informative registration system.
Improved PE and Swim Test Tracking
Swim test completion and PE course progress is now more distinctly reflected on the DartWorks Degree Audit. If you have completed the swim test, the swim test section will now show as “complete” even if you have not yet finished all of your three PE courses.Contact the Physical Education Department if you have questions about PE or swim test completion.
Department & Program  Spotlight
Fast Facts about Dartmouth
Ever wonder which majors are the most popular? Or, how many major modification possibilities there are here at Dartmouth? We put together a few “fast facts” for easy reference.
Department/Program Reporting Dashboards - what's new?
Departments and Programs can now track any missing grades with a set of “Missing Grades” reports on their dashboards which assist with end-of-term grade collection. Departments and programs can identify missing grades for: all students in their area, for seniors only, for off-campus programs only, or for individualized study courses only (continued)
Even more Majors into DartWorks
Almost 1,750 students now have a major tracked on the DartWorks Degree Audit. We release several new majors each term. If your major is not there yet, continue to check back.
Did you know...
Each term, the Registrar’s office employs student workers.We have both General Office Assistants and an Intern position. What types of work do these students do?

a)  Filing and File Organization only

b)  Filing, Inventory, Special Project Assistance,
     and New Application Testing

c)  Acting Registrar for the term

d)  Answer emails and order supplies
(see page 2)
Visit the Fast Facts about Dartmouth College website
See what students think about DartHub
Additional Highlights
Fall term 2018 start date
Similar to fall 2015, the 2018 fall term begins Wednesday, September 12 (check-in will begin Tuesday, September 11). This slight shift in start date is due to Rosh Hashanah, which occurs during the normal start of the term.
2018 AACRAO Annual Meeting
Several Registrar staff members were able to attend this year’s AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida – and gained some useful professional development:
Get acquainted with our staff...James Cart, Assistant Registrar for Academic Applications and Policy
My duties are quite broad. My primary area is maintenance of DartWorks, and implementation of new features like the tracking of major audits. I also handle a lot of policy questions from students and faculty members. Finally, I manage graduation processes each term, which includes generating the list of degree candidates for the Board of Trustees.

You may not know, but I’m a ’10! I majored in Philosophy and minored in Applied Ethics, focused in Bioethics. It has been a great honor and very enlightening to see Dartmouth from the “other side”.

[email protected]
Contact Us:
105 McNutt Hall
Student worker's in the Registrar's office assist with:

b)  Filing, Inventory, Special Project Assistance, and New Application Testing
Interested? Email [email protected]
Did you know... answer
“I learned how to utilize research on professional development to improve staff training sessions.” – Eric Parsons, Senior Associate Registrar
(continued: Department/Program Reporting Dashboards - what's new?)

So that departments/programs can better plan which courses to offer next term, and get a better understanding of what their majors plan to take (and when), we recently released reports that assist with future term course-building. These include Projected Enrollments for Majors and Minors by Term, and Declared Plans by Student.

More reports are on the way for the Assistant Deans of the Faculty, as well as Undergraduate Advising & Research.

“I was privileged to attend an international luncheon with speaker Tolu Olubunmi, an entrepreneur and global advocate for migrants, refugees, and displaced people.It was inspiring to hear of her strength, tenacity, and generous spirit as she shared her personal story, and easy to see why the World Economic Forum named her One of 15 Women Changing the World, and an Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur.” – Meredith Braz, Registrar
“I along with Registrar Meredith Braz presented at the AACRAO Conference on the ‘Benefits of an imbedded Project Manager in the Registrar’s Office.’ This was a great opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with colleagues in the Registrar profession.” – José Sinclair, Academic Systems Project Manager
More about Tolu Olubunmi