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What options for open access (OA) publishing are available to you?

You should upload your article to the Research Repository even if it is published Gold OA, because this allows...
Upload your research to the UWE Research Repository
  • IEEE - We have a limited pre-payment agreement. 
  • Taylor & Francis and Sage - UWE authors are entitled to a limited number of discounted APCs.
  • Springer - UWE authors publishing with Springer can make articles OA in their Open Choice journals for free.
  • Open Library of Humanities - We pay a subscription, allowing UWE authors to publish here for free.
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Are you publishing in...
...Taylor & Francis?
...Open Library of Humanities?
We have a pot of money to fund the cost of publishing in an OA journal for RCUK funded projects (limitations may apply).
Contact us at [email protected]
Is your research RCUK funded?
Do none of the above apply to you?

This allows you to publish the accepted manuscript, either immediately or after a specified embargo period.

Check if there is any additional funding within your faculty.
  • to add the article to your REF CV
  • ...the article to appear on your list of publications on your staff profile.
  • to monitor the number of times your article has been downloaded
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