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published by Bud Spencer

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Why Buy Instagram Followers
With over 500 million users in June 2016, Instagram is probably the most important social media channel for pictures and videos. Many of these users will buy Instagram followers over time. Whether elaborate hairstyles, the last session in the gym or just the #picoftheday - with Instagram you can share everything we like or touch. But not only for private persons the popularity of the platform is increasing. Even companies recognize the potential of the service. The most often provided with a filter photos but a wonderful way of pictorial communication. However, those who are new to the game will find it difficult to quickly build a large user base. To get over these teething problems, you can simply buy Instagram Follower from a vendor. What are the reasons for this, what should be considered and how it works, we have summarized for you in this article. 5 good reasons for more Instagram followers
For years, the social media landscape has clearly shown that a homepage alone is no longer enough. Too static, too smooth, too unacceptable. Today's customer wants authenticity, eye-level communication and interactive content. Social media make it possible! Thus, Instagram and Co. have taken over Google as a search engine an essential function to increase the level of awareness, to strengthen their own profile and customer acquisition. But that only really works if enough people join in. How can buying followers help?
1. Gain credibility Private individuals, companies or freelancers: The number of Instagram followers is your poster child for new visitors. A high number of followers increases the willingness of other users to follow your profile. Merely writing a great contribution is usually not enough. It is also necessary that you buy followers. Because who has many followers on Instagram has a professional, credible and creates confidence. If the conditions mentioned above are not met, potential fans are more skeptical about a new profile. Who does not rather follow an influencer than a completely unknown profile?   Building up a fan base can therefore often take a long time. To convince from the beginning, you can buy new followers from Followers Guru. But: Anyone who buys followers should be careful and also buy likes and comments. Start with a small amount to be authentic instead of instantly buying tens of Instagram followers. For example, if you have only uploaded a few posts, thousands of likes seem rather unbelievable. If the activity matches the follower ratio, more and more new, organic followers will join in a short time.   2. Become more attractive to Instagram Many site operators are buying followers to boost the future development of the channel. Profiles with more activity are listed on the start page or linked by so-called feature accounts. If you regularly upload pictures and see new fans every day, your chances of being discovered and promoted by Instagram as an attractive site increase. This, in turn, makes your profile visible to many more users and helps to generate followers on Instagram in a "natural" way.   3. Increase the range skillfully New brands and products are easier to promote and the customer base is expanded. Musician profiles with many followers can expect more bookings for appearances or potential deals with record companies. With a large fan base you can become interesting for companies as a cooperation partner. In so-called Influencer Marketing, many companies provide successful bloggers with their products for free and have them presented discreetly, yet sustainably. Those who buy instagram followers also help their other social media appearances such as Facebook, YouTube or SoundCloud to be more successful and have greater reach.   4. Save time and effort A big plus is the time savings. While the number of followers increases only very slowly in the normal way and usually only reaches a certain relevance after years, the order has been completed in a few steps and the followers counter jumped upwards a short time later. Even the low cost is not to be underestimated. If you've bought new followers, you'll also need to put a lot less work into classic marketing, but you'll get better effects in terms of increasing your fan numbers. You should also buy Likes and add comments to boost interaction as well!