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Tackling marine litter in the Atlantic Area
CleanAtlantic aims to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Atlantic Area by improving capabilities to monitor, prevent and remove marine litter. The project will also contribute to raise awareness and change attitudes among stakeholders and to improve marine litter managing systems
1st Newsletter
Nov 17 - April 18
Working streams 
Kick off meeting

The CleanAtlantic consortium met in the CETMAR facilities in Vigo (Spain) on the 8th-9th November for launching the project at its kick-off meeting. During this 2-day event, the partnership reviewed the project objectives and associated working plan and agreed on tasks, activities, working groups and deadlines for the coming months.
Past activities 
November 2017 - April 2018
  • Gathering data and information on marine litter in the Atlantic Area
  • Supporting monitoring and data management
  • Modelling and mapping of marine litter
  • Tackling marine litter in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Raising awareness about sources, impacts and solutions
CleanAtlantic Events
Launching of the website
CleanAtlantic at the Commonwealth Marine Science Event
Technical workshop "Setting criteria for harmonising marine litter data management"
IFREMER hosted the event that was held in Nantes on the 22nd and 23rd March. It was attended by our partners ARDITI (Portugal), DGRM (Portugal), DROTA (Portugal), Cefas (UK) the Marine Institute (Ireland), INTECMAR (Spain) and IEO (Spain), who met there to exchange ideas about the harmonisation and management of marine litter data as part of the activities of the working stream related to marine litter monitoring and data management.
The objectives of the workshop were to give a good overview of the future system to be used to store marine litter data and to discuss on the following subjects: 1) How to build a functional system? 2) How to organise data? 3) Which scenarios are possible and which one is the best for our needs?, and 4) Which interfaces are suitable for our needs and data?.
The CleanAtlantic website was launched on the 3rd of April. It has a clean and intuitive design and it is fully responsive with mobile and portable devices.
The website provides a clear view of the objectives, consortium, planned activities, and expected results of the project. It also offers updated information on relevant events and news related to marine litter.
Cefas presented CleanAtlantic on their Marine Litter stand at the Commonwealth Marine Science Event, which was held at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton on the 9th April. 
The event was a celebration of marine science across the commonwealth attended by High Commissioners from across the Commonwealth.
Work session on handling (plastic) garbage in the fishing industry
Participation in external events
This workshop was hosted by the OSPAR Commission in Rotterdam on the 10th Nov 2017. At this event representatives of the fishing sector, waste companies, port authorities and other organizations in the field showcased examples of practical experiences to prevent litter from the fishing sector ending up in the oceans. CETMAR presented the work they developed in previous projects touching on fishing for litter and waste management on board and at ports, and gave an overview on the actions to be carried out on CleanAtlantic on this regard. All these examples were used as a stepping stones to explore new ways for better waste management and prevention.
Ongoing activities 
Dr Francisco Campuzano (IST) participated in the Workshop "Modelling Ocean Plastic Litter in a Changing Climate: Challenges and Mitigations, in the framework of the Euromarine Conference held in CIIMAR on the 27th April, with the communication tittled "Challenges in modelling marine litter in the Atlantic Area: The CleanAtlantic project".
Participation in the EUROMARINE Workshop
Review & assessment of marine litter dataset storages in partner’s institutes and setting of criteria for harmonisation
Development of the communication plan, awareness raising strategy and project capitalisation plan 
Development and design of tools for collecting information (surveys, questionnaires, etc.)
  • marine litter past and ongoing initiatives, programmes and practices, 
  • impact on economic sectors, 
  • methods and technologies for marine litter monitoring and modelling, and
  • review of waste management practices carried out onboard and in ports
Compilation of information and literature review at national, EU and international level on: 

Coming soon

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CleanAtlantic project
The next Project Coordination meeting will be held in Madeira on the 23rd and 24th May to discuss on the progress of project activities and accomplishment of objectives. Coupled with the meeting, specific Working Groups meetings related to the different technical tasks will take place. Moreover, an internal workshop dealing with raising awareness activities will be organised to agree on the actions to be included in the awareness strategy.
Next coordination meeting
Next month (May 2018) the project website ( will be available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Translation of the project website
Project dissemination materials (the project leaflet and poster) displaying the main objectives and expected results will be soon available on the website for download.
Project communication materials

Disclaimer: This newsletter covers activities implemented with the financial assistance of the INTERREG Atlantic Area. It only reflects the author´s view, thus the Atlantic Area Programme authorities are not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.