Sonata’s Restaurant Is One of the Top Restaurants in Scottsd

published by David Molocajevas

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Sonata’s Restaurant Is One of the Top Restaurants in Scottsdale Providing Finest European Dishes
You will have the most memorable dining experience when you visit Sonata’s Restaurant, one of the Top restaurants in Scottsdale. With a large variety of European dishes you will be able to taste authentic taste of European cuisine.
•    You will have foods of the highest of quality prepared by some of the finest chefs who are overseen by Vincent Contreras, the executive chef of this most popular and favorite restaurant.

•    The team of experts of this restaurant will ensure that the level of their culinary experience that they have gathered over the years.

•    You can contact any member of the team including the Lithuanian born owner Sonata Molocajeviene Tuft.

•    You will be able to enjoy the food in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant that is the vision of Sonata’s son, Deividas Molocajevas who is the COO of this premium restaurant.

•    The taste of food along with the tradition of European cuisine is looked after by Erwan Ehanno, the general manager of the restaurant.

•    You can enjoy traditional European food with a global twist in the taste along with the most creative and unique cocktails prepared by William Simpson, the bar director.

Make sure that you book your table well in advance for Outdoor Brunch Scottsdale as you may find it difficult to find a place if you visit the restaurant without a reservation. Though they are open for seven days in a week there is always a rush of foodies in this restaurant that has won the prestigious Diners choice award 2018.
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Sonata’s Restaurant
Address: 10050 n Scottsdale rd suite 127
Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona
Phone: 480.477.1390

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