Jan 2018

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January 2018 
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Stakeholder Event: Leadership and Collective Responsibility
by Juliet Matipano, Partnership Development Coordinator
Following on from the individual interviews I performed with stakeholders at the Hub, we organised and delivered a Stakeholders Event for the leaders, CEOs and Trustees of the 60+ organisations the Hub has worked with over the past two and a half years.  
The event was attended by 24 partners from 12 different agencies. After some networking and ice-breaker time, we saw presentations.  The Area Housing Manager (Fife Council) presented on the changes in housing and homelessness services, particularly in terms of collaborative approaches to reduce duplication and increasing citizen engagement. Katie and I prepared presentations on the activities of the Hub so far, showing the merits of the Hub as a single point of contact. Citizens Advice & Rights Fife also contributed a short animation which gave a snap shop of the Hub’s activities in 2017.

The following themes where highlighted from 
  • Collaborative person-centered service delivery
  • Prevention and building resilience, and
  • Sustainability

We then went into short workshops, to create opportunities for further discussion.  From the feedback on these workshops, Katie and I were able to draw out key themes and issues, and have been able to highlight action points that we can take forward:
  • establish a short-term working group to develop a formal partnership arrangement
  • develop multi-agency referral methods, to make it easier for service users to access the organisations in the Hub, even if they are not in attendance.
  • develop a system that will help keep track of citizens who use the Hub, report on their successes and to highlight gaps.
To finish up the event, we asked the participants to make a pledge, of which 5 organisations pledged some form of resource to help the Hub achieve these action points.

If you'd like a full report on our Stakeholder Activities, please email [email protected]

Coordinator's Report
by Katie Thomson, Advice & Information Coordinator
January was a busy month again, and we saw high numbers even from the first day we were open after the festive break.  We put this down to a lot of services still being shut on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th.  

The most requested information was advice on Benefits, especially universal credit.  Thankfully, in November, Welfare Support from Fife Council offered to hold sessions specifically to support those who needed help with setting up their claim, and helping them get to grips with the online journal.  

The second most asked for topic was food aid, which we continue to see high numbers of people asking for help for.  We're working closely with the Foodbank on this, as its not acceptable that so many are reliant on food aid.  We're also working closely with a range of partners such as Cosy Kingdom, Citizens Advice & Rights Fife, Fife Council Welfare Support and Job Clubs, to get to the root cause of foodbank use, and help people to access further support to bring them out of crisis. 

We've also improved on the information we collect.  We're now taking equalities information - postcodes, gender, family size and ethnicity, to further show the length and breadth of the people who access the Hub, and why.  We're also recording "underlying causes" - this helps us to evidence how and why people are falling into crisis, and not just the reason they've come here.  For every person who attends the Hub, there is a story, and we want to be able to use their stories to make a better service for all.