Gateway High School, San Francisco, CA

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Gateway  High  School
School  Counseling  Program  Profile  2017-2018
1430 Scott Street
San Francisco, California
Principal's  Message
The aim of our Counseling program is to provide students and families the support they need during their high school experience and to prepare them for future success in college and beyond. Staffed by the Assistant Principal, Mental Health Counselor, and Student Support Coordinator, the Student Support Office (SSO) is Gateway’s hub for meeting daily student needs.

The Gateway High School SSO is open from 8:30 AM -4:00 PM daily. The SSO is available to student drop-ins during the school day, as well as during lunch. Students may also access SSO services during the school day by asking for passes from their teachers.

Gateway's college counseling program, led by two full-time college counselors, helps to ensure that all students successfully navigate the college preparation and admissions process.

In the spring of their junior year, students take the first part of a college counseling course where they explore careers, majors, different colleges, and prepare for the SAT. During their senior year, students take the second part of the college counseling course where they are guided through the admission process, essay writing, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.
Mr. Michael Fuller
School  Counseling  Program
Academic  and  Career/College  Development
Graduation Rates
CSU/UC Eligible
The students are assisted by two college counselors on campus at Gateway. 

The counselors help the students with:
  • A-G requirements
  • Graduation requirements for Gateway
  • How to apply to college
  • Writing personal statements
One of the school counselors and the Director of Partnerships have started an annual Career Day, and this is the third year! 

This Career Day is for students to learn about different careers during their advisory period.
Social/Emotional  Development
Counselors provide
Individual counseling

Restoratives between students, and between students and teachers 

Referrals to Mental Health Services

Suspension Rates
Gateway High School has two mental health counselors that are on site. They provide direct services for the students.
The program mainly focuses on direct and indirect services for our students. The direct services are individual sessions with one of the two full time mental health counselors on site. 

The college counseling focuses on the juniors and seniors and guiding them throughout the college application process.
SSO Standards
  • The Student Support Department works toward building a safe and supportive school environment
  • The Student Support Department serves as a community liaison between the school and outside organizations.
  • The Student Support Department promotes student growth and development through culturally responsive coaching and counseling.
School Counseling Team
Ms. Saundre Allen
Master of Social Work
Associate Social Work
Director of Counseling Services

Ms. Amanda Rodriguez 
MA in Counseling Psychology
Marriage and Family Therapist intern
Student Interventionist

Mr. Joel Rangel
Director of College Counseling

Mr. Jericho Williams
College Counselor

Ms. Stephanie Khaziran
MA School Counseling, PPS
Assistant Principal

Ms. Dierdre Smith
Student Support Coordinator

Partners and Programs
Contact  us!
Student Support Website
College Counseling Website
School Calendar
Feel free to contact the staff via email:
Please allow 48 hours for a return email or return call.
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