Lowell High School, San Francisco, CA

published by Jonathan Fong

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School Counseling Program Profile
Principal's Message
Andrew W. Ishibashi
The Lowell High School’s Counseling Department promotes the pursuit of intellectual, moral excellence, justice and equity in the education for ALL of our students. Our school counselors author a humanistic community that advocates our students’ academic, personal/social and career domains. The school counselors are dedicated to ensure our community has ingrained a moral, intelligent, self-sufficient and compassionate student after graduation to beyond.  

Therefore, school counselors directly and indirectly work with students to foster a safe and nurturing community. Our school counselors are continually dedicated and attentive to provide a space to motivate a positive and fruitful community. 

Our school counseling team believes in our student’s potential and solidifies their life purpose in our dynamic school environment. Counselors consistently collaborate with stakeholders such as teachers, parents, organizations and universities to help develop unique academic pathways, postsecondary options and career exploration.
“The mission of the Lowell High School Counseling Program is to encourage ALL students to realize their own potential and contribute their skills, creativity, and intellect in their academic, career, and personal/social development towards becoming informed, active participants and leaders in their communities.”
Our Mission
Academic Development
Total Students: 2726

Total Students: 2687

Total Students: 2738
Total Seniors: 679

Total Seniors: 647

Total Seniors: 700
Total Students Taking
AP Tests: 1648

Total AP Tests: 4131
Our school counselors support student academic development by:
Teaching A-G requirements

Developing a 4-year academic plan

One-on-one counseling

SST/504/IEP/SAP meetings

Signing up for CSF tutoring/drop-in tutoring

Teaching how to calculate GPA

Collaborating with teachers and parents/guardians

Teaching graduation requirements

Monitoring absentees

And more...
Lowell High School's Consultancy Program is the only one of its kind in SFUSD. It was created for the purpose of closing the achievement gap, building community, and to support our students academically succeed:
AACCES - African American Common Core Educational Support

LEAP - Latino Equity and Achievement Program

Filipino and Pacific Islander Academic Support Program

IMPACT - Individually Managed Program for Asian and Caucasian Teens
College/Career Development
Our school counselors support student college/career development by:
Developing college/career plans

Completing assessments

One-on-one counseling

Providing services from our VICCI Center

Having an on-site college counselor

Hosting various informational nights for students and  parents/guardians

Providing afterschool workshops to help with applications and personal statements/prompts

And more...
- Growth Mindset: 8.0% above district level

- Self-Efficacy: 3.0% above district level

- Self-Management: 6.0% above district level

- Social Awareness: 7.0% above district level
Growth Mindset - the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed

Self-Efficacy - the belief in one's ability to succeed in specific situations or in accomplishing a task

Self-Managementtaking responsibility for one's own behavior and well-being.

Social Awareness - ability to respect, empathize, and take the perspectives of others, appreciating diversity
Our school counselors support student social/emotional development by:
One-on-one counseling

Providing services from our Wellness Center

SST/504/IEP/SAP meetings

Quiet Time (meditation)

Recommending support services

Facilitating restorative circles

And more...
Core Curriculum Lessons
Group Counseling Interventions
Wellness Groups 
Wellness groups are small peer groups facilitated by Wellness staff and community partners that provide students an opportunity to access peer-to-peer support in a safe, confidential setting. 

2017-2018 Group List:
- Ladies Lunch

- Young Men's Health Group

- Mindful Movement

- Mindfulness

- Q Group

- Project Voices
- Transition to high school
- Course selection
- Student resources offered
- Growth mindset 

- Class scheduling
- Stress management
- Overview of PSAT

- Testing dates/dealines
- College/career informational sessions
- Application/personal statement workshops

- Informational workshops
- College/career planning
Lowell High School counseling program abides by the American School Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors.
Partners and Programs
Plus More...
Counseling Team
The Heart of Lowell High School
Lowell High School offers support to our diverse student population and their families thanks to the contribution of staff members who are fluent in languages other than English:
Translation/Languages Spoken
Chinese - Cantaonese and Mandarin
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed and published by
University of San Francisco, School Counseling graduate student, Yejeen Nam.
Funding and support for the publication of this Profile was generously provided by the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning.