5 iPhone problems fixed by items around you

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5 iPhone problems fixed by items around you
The Sim card slot
When Sim card is unable to come out of slot you need a tool to pull that out. That tool is a thin pin with which Sim card can be dragged or pulled out.
Performance of charger
Charger may not work properly due to lint stuck in the corners. It is suggested that one should use tool like toothpick or thin pin to get it out of ports and boost the charger.
Misty touch screen
At times screen may feel sticky or hanging. It is advised that before taking it to the service center wash is with alcohol using cotton dipped in it. If your efforts go zero take it to iPhone repair Toronto.
Spring support for cable
To secure the cable from very end give it a suppot with the spring of old pen so it does not frayed and mend and make the cord long lasting.