TIPA Status Report_1_2018

published by TIPA

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Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts
Parents, children, teachers, MOEHR and citizens work together to help every child achieve his potential and participate in the country's development
Our actions were resumed in January
From February to April 2018, TIPA facilitated
112 creativity classes and 43 planning sessions with teachers
participated in the creativity classes
327 pupils and 19 teachers
The pedagogical tools were presented to teachers and demonstrated during creativity classes. The Art Facilitators encouraged them to implement these tools in class. We feel very enthusiastic as more than half of the teachers show a positive engagement in collaboration with TIPA Art Facilitators.
Children feel respected, are confident and express themselves freely. They are self-motivated and want to participate.
Teachers feel confident about their profession, they have good relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues.
Parents are engaged in their child's education; they have good relationships and trust the school staff.
17 parents
were reached through Parents Club
18 school staff , 2 parents and 1 cluster coordinator from Vallijee and Pointe aux Sables
participated to the Teambuilding session
Educators develop methods and tools in collaboration with colleagues to involve children and parents in activities.
in 3 ZEP schools (Vallijee, Pointe aux Sables and Nicolay)
4 parents and 4 old pupils 
were reached through Community workshops
"With ' Ti Kart Kouler', children do not need to say much and find difficult words to express their feelings as even adults have difficulties to express themselves. 
So children feel empowered as we value their participation. 
It gives them confidence, and encourages them to move forward and they know that their ideas matters.  "
Grade 3 ZEP school teacher
"The creativity classes, help me to bloom because the activities are very rewarding. Also I find myself because I do what I like, for example drawing, collage and modeling.   I am very happy."
Pupil, Grade 5B at Nicolay School
Teacher of Grade 4 ZEP School teacher.
"The chart for  'Drwa ek Responsabilite' is helping pupils to be aware of their actions and what might be the consequences of those actions." 
"When I give value to the teachers' participation, they become self confident again and engage in their progress, they become aware that it works same for children!
Each one of them is doing his/her best with the available resources for the children to succeed in life" 

Elarie Pitois, TIPA Art Facilitator, 
Workshop with Secondary school teachers
Our partners play an essential role in extending our social impact
In addition to conducting Creativity classes, Parents' Club and Community Workshops, the TIPA team will carry out two other actions. Class & School events will be coordinated in ZEP schools where creativity classes have been implemented. Facilit'art Training will be launched with a new batch of NGO educators.
Class & School Events
Pointes aux Sables Govt. School in collaboration with TIPA team are preparing the pupils for the Music Day. Children's artwork will be exhibited on this special event and each class will present a song, dance, sketch or poetry on stage. Artists will be invited and parents will have the opportunity appreciate and valorise their children. Parents participating to parents' Club will have the opportunity to exhibit their artworks too.
Facilit'Art Training
TIPA team will welcome 20 NGO educators for 23 training sessions, from May to November 2018. The training programme aims at helping participants to develop professional skills in the elaboration and conduction of artistic activities, based on an interactive pedagogy approach, and fostering life skills among children.
organised by the Ombudsperson for Children
TIPA participated to a workshop on Children's Bill 
learned about giving value to the child through Arts
More than 150 secondary school  teachers
186 volunteers
dedicated their time for our Flag days
organised 2 sensitisation workshops on violence towards children with 34 social workers.
3 NGOs, 1 person from the national children council and 1 person from the ombud's person office
participated to a workshop 'Onorab Zanfan' aiming at collecting children's views on education.
We need your help to develop two new actions aiming to build dynamic educational and artistic communities around the school and online. As change makers, you will be directly involved in the creation and implementation of these two participative platforms.   Come join us ! Be the change you want to see in the world !
Community workshops
+230 6740536
We need community facilitators to lead small groups that will plan and share artistic and awareness activities with members of the school community (parents, children, etc.). Community workshops will take place after school hours or during weekends. Be part of this new programme : build the activities with other volunteers (artists, parents, children) and contribute to raising awareness on the importance of artistic and cultural education.
A, Abbé de la Caille Str, Curepipe 74301, Mauritius
Online Sharing Platform
[email protected]
You are a teacher, a facilitator or a volunteer, join us to build an online collaborative community for Mauritian educators. Help us design the online sharing platform : identify categories and develop templates to upload and share creative activities and methods online. Then develop a communication strategy to showcase the sharing of good practices with all Mauritian educators and parents ! Contact: [email protected]
Special thanks to: Deutsche Bank, Global Servicing Activities staff and all volunteers for their dynamic support during our Flag Days.
ZEP team for including TIPA's approach in the teachers training content. Ombudsperson for Children's Office for inviting TIPA to participate to a sensitisation workshop concerning Children's Bill.

  Thank you to the children, parents, educators, NGOs and financial partners, for their valuable involvement and support. Looking forward to more collaboration and innovation in educating our young  Mauritian citizens.
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