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published by Susan Altman

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2017 - 2018
Eau Claire High School
School Librarian Susan Altman  (First year as a certified teacher!)
Library Assistant     Tamika Lawson (First year in the library after coming from the classroom!)
Technology Support Technician Al Minnigan
Books Checked Out = 2,338
168% increase in books checked out this year!  (~800 books were checked out last school year)
605 new books were purchased
2,082 books were weeded (Removed due to outdated information and/or irrelevant to students)
Average age of the collection is newer by 2 years!
Example of weeded book from the ECHS Library
Collaborated on lessons with 25% of teachers 
Departments collaborated with.. - CATE - English - Fine Arts  - Science - Social Studies - Special Services - World Languages 
Hour of Code with Ms. Brown's, Mrs. Jay's, Ms. Raines', Mrs. Tyler's, and Mrs. Raun's classes!
Service Learning -  Student Library Assistants!
Meeting with Robin Cole of Mackin (Library book vendor)
Selecting books for their peers!
Ongoing Collaboration with Ms. Harrison's English Classes!
Showing students how to access Richland Library databases
Book reviews for display purposes in the ECHS Library
Using Flipgrid to express literary aspects of their chosen book
Getting to Know the Wonderful Students and Faculty/Staff of Eau Claire High School!
Field trip to the Nickelodeon Theater downtown!
Breakout EDU with Mrs. Hozan's French Classes
Prior to the Fine Arts Indie Grits performance!
Ms. Altman and Ms. Lawson - Lifelong friends made in the ECHS library!
Professional Development
Meda Arts Education Training (Teaching the basics of filmography to students)
South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) Conference 
Capturing Kids' Hearts
Hopes for Next School Year
- Author visits  - Book Club  - Improved sign-in system - Hydroponics set-up in the library     - Increased number of collaborations  between library/teachers - Renovations and/or new furniture    - Richland Library North Main collaboration 
Contact information: [email protected] (803) 735-7612