Furman University Libraries Biennial Report

published by Kathleen Hamlin

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OPEN ACCESS is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment. Open Access ensures that anyone can use these results—to turn ideas into industries and breakthroughs into better lives. -SPARC
The Furman University Libraries 
offered a variety of Open Access 
opportunities to the Furman community:

  • The Furman University Libraries Open Access Fund facilitated more choice in publishing venue by helping to offset the cost of Article Processing Charges for Furman authors. It allowed authors to consider a broader audience, retain more of their rights, and realize the benefits of Open Access without sacrificing funds that might otherwise go towards research, travel, or student support. In 2016-2017, the Fund supported four articles by three faculty authors and five student co-authors.
  • Also in 2016-2017, the Furman University Libraries participated in an Open Education Resource (OER) Review pilot, in collaboration with The Duke Endowment Libraries. Librarians assisted 10 faculty in identifying and evaluating no-cost textbooks and course modules. Several participants even incorporated OER into their classes.
  • The Furman University Libraries' administered Furman University Scholar Exchange (FUSE) is an institutional repository of scholarly and creative works produced by Furman students, faculty, and staff. For this reporting period, 22 large scale projects—ranging from conference sites to university events and class projects to grant products—were added to FUSE.

The Furman University Libraries also supported the Directory of Open Access Journals, Lever Press and Knowledge Unlatched.
The Ninety-Six Press, established in 1991 by Drs. Gilbert Allen and William Rogers, Professors Emeriti, officially became a part of Special Collections on July 6, 2015, after the retirement of Gilbert Allen. The press has published twenty-two books of poetry by South Carolina authors including South Carolina Poets Laureate Bennie Lee Sinclair (’61) and Marjory Heath. Ninety-Six Press publications are included in our South Carolina Poetry Archives, a unique collection that highlights 20th and 21st century poets connected to South Carolina by birth, employment, residence, or subject matter. The collection contains published works, manuscripts, and ephemeral materials from over one hundred authors.
In early 2017, the Libraries became aware of the need for books at the Dzaleka Community Library located in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. The camp, opened in 2014 and home to more than 30,000 refugees, needed books to help students learn English and science. 
Furman library staff regularly remove books from circulation to make room for newer books. The books selected to be removed are often outdated or little used by the Furman community, but may be of value to others. A spreadsheet of culled books from the Furman collection was sent to Nadia Asmal, the camp’s project director and overseer of the library. Those books deemed to enhance the collection at the Dzaleka Community Library--40 boxes containing 621 books, were packed and sent there. Donors underwrote the shipping costs. 
The Outreach Department promotes our personal research assistance to all first-year students and to newly-declared majors. Librarians offer assistance in any and all elements of research. Below is a list of examples. 

    •  A librarian paired with their First Year Writing class 
    •  A personal librarian assigned as soon as a student                  declares a major 
    •  Ability to make individual appointments for research                consultations 
    •  Two branch librarians residing in the Maxwell Music                Library and Sanders Science Library
    •  Librarians, as faculty members, are assigned to new                students as academic advisors 

While we go to great lengths to make contact with first-year students and those who have declared their majors, we offer every student these services.
                      February 2017, over one hundred people gathered in the l                        library atrium, for a reception to recognize and celebrate                          the scholarly publications and creative works completed                          by Furman faculty members during 2015 and 2016.         

                      Hosted by the Libraries and the Office of the Provost,                                attendees enjoyed drinks, hors d’oeuvres and dessert                        while mingling with faculty, administrators and trustees. There        were 150 submissions on display which included books, book chapters, journal articles, recordings, poetry and more. The highlight of the event was the “speed talk” challenge. Five brave faculty members were constrained to share about their research in 4 minutes or less. The event was warmly received and will become a Furman tradition.
Janis and Harold Aaron Christy Allen Caroline and Bud Alley Janis Bandelin and Bill Fitzpatrick Liz Baughman Chuck Balckwell Carol and Jeffrey Blake Lloyd Bowers Edla and Robin Brabham Pam and Craig Bradford Hannah and Sydney Britt Jean and James Brown Mary Beth Brown Susie Bid and Richard Brown Ann Bryant Shirley Camp Alexandra Cekuta Russell and Rebecca Clement Jessie Cochran Cyndi and Tim Crane Caroline Dessouky Nancy DuPree Lenore and Steve Ealy Kathryn and Phil Elliott Judith Erickson Brenda and John Fant Warren Goodlett

Dorothy and Colin Gorman Nellie Grant C. W. Grant Ginny and Brian Greene Margaret Greene Patricia and Jack Gregory Molly and Kevin Griggs Cathy and Jack Hall Kathleen Hamlin Catherine and Brad Harmon Deborah and Andrew Harper Yendelela and Karlton Holston Kitty Hughes Janet and Tom Huskey Debbie and Tim Jenks Allison Kelly Merrie Koester Suzie and Bruce Kovner Catherine Kropp Beth and James Lisk
Jeffrey Makala Heather Martin Joyce and Brian McCartney Michael McPhee Caroline and Paul Mills Shelly Moore Ann Nuttall 

Michael Orr JoAnn and Steve Peck Carol Len and Scott Portis Sherril Presar Gabrielle Reardon Ruth and George Reynolds Lynn and Steve Richardson Jane and Mike Roosevelt Dorothy and David Rutledge Scott Salzman Lora Ann and John Sanders Martha Smith Elaine and Jessee Stewart Kerry and Tyson Stubbs Brandy and Ben Tunnell Beth Tuttle William Vindal Cara Wagner Furman Walker Carolyn and Joseph Warden Beth and Ron Withers Phyllis and Mike Yearick Libby and Kurt Young Dawn and Paul Zimmermann Five Anonymous Donors

With Gratitude
•  Furman Singers: The Furman Singers’ Scrapbooks, 1971-present, 52 volumes •  The Greenville News: The iron hand press formerly in the lobby of their building on Main St., Downtown        Greenville.
•  Lisa Knight: Collection of early eighteenth-century engravings of classical antiquity
•  Lynne and Carl Kohrt: The Raymond F. and Irma Gale collection of slides, film, and papers from their              travels in China
•  Suzie and Bruce Kovner: Barry Moser. The Pennyroyal Caxton Bible. Northhampton: Pennyroyal Press,
    1999. One of 400 copies
•  Duncan McArthur: Two complete sets of the New English Dictionary
•  Ronald Moran: Three hundred volumes of modern poetry, many signed and inscribed
•  Pendleton Street Baptist Chruch (Greenville): Records
•  Stephen Richardson: A complete set of first editions to all 27 works of Sir Walter Scott, in 74 volumes
•  Leonard Todd: Carolina Clay: The Life and Legend of the Slave Potter Dave Archive and Todd/Wever            Family Papers
•  Nan Wilkins: Collection of the writings of Thomas Rain Crowe ’72
•  Anonymous: Pocket Bible leaf, France, ca. 1260

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