Excessive Smartphone use may cause sleep deprivation in teen

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Excessive Smartphone use may cause sleep deprivation in teens! 
Why and how?
-Students keep awake all night due to excessive use of phone. Now there is a way to keep track of timing. Lets see how 

-It has been suggested that the teenagers need to take at least 9 hours of need a day. But they take half of the time.

-Priority and importance should be given to sleep instead of mobile use.

Check the below details to track to your phone addiction.
-Checking notifications during class hours or mealtime

-Looking for phone while waking up inthemorning

-Switch to phone when you have nothing to do

-Scrolling timeline while talking to anyone

-Thinking of phone when battery is dead
-Mind gets tired when cell phone used continuously and cause sleep deprivation.

 -Brian works all day long but to concentrate needs sound sleep. Brightness of leads to stress on eyes and brain.

These symptoms cause you sleep deprivation. The more you spend time on mobile, less the sleep you get.
For Proper working of metal and physical strength one should avoid too much of cell phone
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