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Hillview Junior High School
333 Yosemite Dr. Pittsburg, CA 94565
School Counseling
 Program Profile 2018
Pittsburg Unified School District
Hillview Junior High School counselors collaborate with students, parents, and community partners to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for their future. They  use a strategic approach to develop critical thinking, emphasizing effective communication, accountability and independence. Our counselors work with our AVID Site Team as well as all of our 8th grade students on college and career exploration. They are committed to preparing our diverse student body with the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of living and working in the 21st century.

The administration, counseling team, community school coordinator, community providers, and staff work together to support academic and social/emotional learning.  They all work to promote a positive and safe school climate for the students at Hillview Junior High School.
Principal's Message
Heidi Leber

Vice Principals
Phil Lucido
Vice Principal 

Martha Campos
Vice Principal 

Darren Gapultos
Full Service School Community Coordinator

School Counseling Program Team 
Deirdre Williams
School Counselor
6th grade M-Z & 8th grade

Joanna Aragon
School Counselor
6th grade A-L & 7th grade

Diana Lopez
School Secretary  Counseling Office

Araceli Orozco
School Counselor-in-Training

A Methods To Reduce Anger guidance lesson was delivered by the CSUEB School Counselor-in-Training to 36 sixth graders. Students learned about five levels of anger and three relaxation methods. 
Social/Emotional Domain
The school counseling program provides social/emotional support to students through conflict mediation, individual counseling, and group counseling. 

School Counselors deliver guidance lessons including: I am somebody, Misinformation, Rumors & Respect, and Behavior Expectations to enhance student success in school.

Lincoln Center, Project Success, 4 Corners, and John F. Kennedy school-based program are community partners on-site that provide counseling services to students.    

Students receive Warrior Cards for good behavior and are able to buy school supplies. 

School counselors deliver guidance lessons to students including: Setting up Aeries Portal, Academic Pressure, Goal Setting, Transcripts Activity, and Attendance to enhance academic success. School counselors also coordinate the Awards Assembly, the Trophy Ceremony, incoming 6th-grade orientation, and 8th-grade promotion.   
A guidance lesson on Studying Tips was delivered by the CSUEB School Counselor-in-Training to 32 seventh graders. Students learned studying skills to study more effectively and be better prepared for tests. 
Academic Domain
Career Domain
A guidance lesson on College and Career Exploration was delivered by the CSUEB School  Counselor-in-Training to 27 seventh-grade students. Students learned the different types of degrees and related their favorite classes with careers. 
The School Counselors  deliver guidance lessons to students including 8th-grade Transition Lessons, 6-Year Plans, Career Awareness, and the Value of an Education. 
School Counseling Program
The Hillview Junior High School counseling program abides by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors.
The mission of the counseling program is to follow and implement the ASCA National Model and collaborate with social and community organizations. Our emphasis is on student needs and interests to foster growth through academic, college and career, and social/emotional development. By harnessing the rich diversity of our community, we strive to graduate culturally sensitive lifelong learners who contribute positively to society through safe, respectful, and responsible action.
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) will be available to 6th grade students next school year 2018. It is currently available to 7th and 8th grade students. 
School counselors in the PUSD have been working with Hatching Results to implement the ASCA National Model and create a comprehensive program to service all students. 
Partners and Programs
Our partners and programs provide access to medical, dental, mental health, preventative services, on-site individual and group therapy services for students, and behavioral support. 

We also have  a monthly Food Pantry and a Positive Parenting Program. 
 (925) 473-2380
Student/Parent Portal
To receive important messages from Hillview JHS Counselors, text appropriate grade level code below to (925) 392-0808
     6th grade: @14601
     7th grade: @4fb90
     8th grade: @8818a
Hillview News
Contact Information
Please allow 48 hours for a return phone call or email. 
School Calendar
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