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2629 Harrison St. Oakland, CA 94612
School Website
School Counseling Program Profile 2018
 Middle School
Oakland Unified School District
Mr. Ferrer, Principal
Principal's Message
The school counselors have done a lot for 
Westlake Middle School in terms of academic, social-emotional, and career counseling. 

They check student's grades each marking period and create action plans to support their academic improvement. 

They deliver guidance lessons on topics like problem-solving, journal writing, identifying feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, A-G requirements, along with career exploration. 

In addition, the school counselors offer individual sessions with scholars and facilitate group counseling.

Created by our Vice Principal, Ms. Taylor
Messages From Scholars
98% of Students Identified Careers with Levels of Education Required
97% of Students Identified Levels of Degrees
A career exploration guidance lesson was delivered by the CSU East Bay counselors-in- Training to all
8th graders in their English classes. 
of ELL students organized and cleaned their backpacks and school materials.
The CSUEB School Counselors-in-Training delivered a guidance lesson on Staying Organized to all English Language Learners (ELL) in order to enhance their academic success in school. 

of ELL students learned 6 ways to organize their school materials:
  • Use a planner
  • Use a binder and/or folders
  • Color code
  • Organize in order
  • Organize materials often
  • Do it your own way
Identify a Relaxation Technique
93% of scholars identified one relaxation technique after the lesson.
Identify a Level of Anger
97% of scholars identified one level of anger after the lesson. 
The CSUEB School Counselors-in-Training provided a guidance lesson on identifying levels of anger to all 6th- grade scholars in Art class. 
Additionally, all scholars were provided with relaxation techniques to use when feeling angry. 
The counseling team used a variety of interventions to help decrease the number of suspensions:
  • Individual Counseling and/or Therapy
  • Group Counseling and/or Therapy
  • Guidance lessons
  • Restorative Justice Circles
The number of suspension incidents decreased during the 2017-18 school year. 
School Counseling Program 

The mission of Westlake Middle School’s Counseling Program is to ensure quality education for all students in a safe, positive, and rigorous learning environment.

We  promote academic, career, and social/emotional development, thus enabling all students to become resilient, responsible and creative individuals of the 21st century.
The Westlake Middle School Counseling Program abides by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors. 
School Counseling Team

School Counselor
Ms. Mimi Nguyen

Ms. Carlie Magner
COST Coordinator
Ms. Nina Garrovillo
School Psychologist

Ms. Monica Cuellar

Ms. Carly Chilton
School-Based Services Clinician
Ms. Marcela Potosme
School Counselor-in-Traning/ MFTT

Ms. Meagan McVeigh

Ms. Thao (Ivy) Tran 
School Counselor-in-Training/ MFTT

Ms. Erica Campos
School Counselor-in-Training/ MFTT

Mr. Stephan Nguyen
School Counseling Intern

Mr.Michael Helms
School Counseling Intern

Ms.Jeanne Kelber
School Counseling Intern
*MFTT: Marriage Family Therapy Trainee
*COST: Coordination Of Services Team
Mr. Elliot
Mr. Bailey
RJ Coordinator
Ms. Wu
Attendance Specialist
Ms. Robillard
Ms. Wong
School Nurse
Ms. Foyd,  Coach Mom, and Pastor J
Security Team
Mr. Moses 
Community School Manager
Ms. Ebado
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bero
Literacy Coach
Westlake's Support Team
Enrollment growth of 30 scholars from 
2016-17 to 2017-2018
Our Achievements
NBA Legacy Project Recipient June 2017
The highest growth in the district of scholars who are high school ready.
Partners and Programs
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P:(510) 879-2130
School Calendar
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Aries Parent Portal
 Contact Information
Emails and phone calls are returned within 48 hours between Monday-Friday.
Take Care of One Another,
Take Care  of Westlake!
Take Care of Yourself,
Funding for the publication of this profile was generously provided by the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning
This School Counseling Profile was designed by:
 Marcela Potosme
Erica Campos
Thao (Ivy) Tran 
California State University, East Bay
School Counselors-in-Training