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published by Cameron Scheuer

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Get Started
Half Days or Late Start?
Which do students prefer?
What is more productive in school?
Late Start
Half Days
Half Days
Late Start
more time to hangout with friends
hang with friends after
get out earlier
More time to do stuff
Get out earlier
Cause I have the rest of the day 
Getting out of school earlier is better
Because we get out earlier
More time
We get out earlier
More time during the day to do tings
More time to do whatever you want after school
So we have the rest of the day off
It goes by faster
I don’t sleep in that much anyway
more time at the end of the day to do things
more time after to do things with friends
good time to go for lunch with friends after
less class time
more sleep, more things to do the night before
late starts don't give enough sleep so half days are better
I hate coming home late
I prefer to have the rest of the day off
More time during the day to have fun

I love to sleep and get breakfast
I don’t like getting up early
more time
more sleep
more fun
less tension
sleep later
stay up later at night
Because you get more sleep
More time in the day after
I don't know I just like them better
more sleep and can do more things in morning
Why Late Starts?
Why Half Days?