Intelligence Analyst Cyber Career

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Intelligence Analyst
A Career as an
An intelligence analyst conducts extensive research and collects information from many sources. They will then sort, target, and identify relevant data, and report that back to the people who make policies and decisions. 

An intelligence analyst that works for the government will piece together that information to determine threats and prevent attacks, helping to keep the country safe. 
What is an Intelligence Analyst? (or IA)

The Core Job Skills
Language Skills
Knowledge Base
Diverse Knowledge
Work Flow
The most important skill for an analyst is the ability to conduct research properly.  Analysts have to understand  how to systematically investigate materials to form logical conclusions.

When research is done, an analyst must summarize everything in a clear, succinct, and direct manner. Good research means nothing without a clear explanation. 
The overall job outlook for intelligence analyst careers has been positive since 2004, meaning that the job field continues to grow rather than drop. Over the next 10 years, the growth is estimated to be about 4%.  
The salary for an intelligence analyst will vary based upon several factors:
1. Experience
2. Private versus public sector
3. Area of expertise (cybersecurity=higher pay)
An IA may work in an office and also outside of the office.  
An IA works with all kinds of information, which may include public and  classified information.
The "Job"
The IA will be given a task or target and then gather information on that.
to gather information, IA's may have to question witnesses or research on a computer.  
An intelligence analyst will usually have a specific area of expertise.  
Traveling to foreign countries may be needed. Because of this, speaking other languages is a strength in this field. 
IA's work closely with local  and foreign governments, corporations and private individuals to gather information. 
IA's can find themselves in dangerous situations so most will be trained in self-defense and weaponry. An IA must be able to stay calm in these situations. 
Being able to self-start and self-manage is a good trait for an IA. Continuously developing new knowledge is also extremely valuable.

Areas of Expertise
Specialized Fields 
Counterintelligence Threat Analyst
Counter Terrorism Analyst 
Cyber Threat Analyst
Economic Analyst
Science, Tech & Weapons Analyst
Specialized Fields 
Intelligence Collection Analyst
Political Analyst
Military Analyst 
Foreign Media Analyst
Targeting Analyst

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