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Cyber Security in Sports Information
The Sports Cyber Security Business Leader will be a lead contributor to the NBC Universal Cyber Security organization, responsible for executing and contributing to the cyber security strategy and maintaining operational engagement with key Sports leaders.

The Cyber Security Business Leader will assess business cyber security practices and provide recommendations on the implementation of security controls, technologies and supporting workflows consistent with the NBC Universal cyber security strategy. Additionally, executing the Sports cyber security program with accountability for delivery and measurement consistent with organizational objectives and standards. This position requires an experienced security professional, ideally with experience in the media and entertainment industry in customer facing roles.

A successful candidate is expected to understand and articulate business operational processes and risks while leveraging existing internal and external business and technology resources to provide program and project related insight. Clear and concise oral and written communication are required.

This position is available in Orlando, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Stamford, CT; New York, NY; Miami, FL.

• Advise and lead the execution of a comprehensive cyber security risk-based program for NBC Universal’s Sports business.

• Provide insight and seek support from the enterprise NBC Universal Cyber Security function to inform and align with the Sports strategy

• Support cyber security organization leadership in the identification and communication of relevant cyber security-related issues, risks and events, including leading operational engagement and supporting metrics for measuring cyber security maturity

• Keep abreast of cyber security trends, with an ability to articulate security related themes and principles in to business terms

• Drive the delivery of cyber security plans, implementations and leading practice controls, with an understanding of Active Defense security principles and strategies

• Lead business engaged risk exercises to identify and measure risk posture and provide recommendations on mitigation strategies

• Actively engage and support security incident response team in resolution and close of investigations of incidents with ownership of post mortem and remediation plans

• Support the development of business-relevant metrics and key performance indicators to measure cyber security program maturity
Cyber Security in Sports Information
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TORONTO — Imagine the fallout if the NHL was hacked and its star players — think Sidney Crosby, Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid — had their home addresses, phone numbers and other personal information made accessible online.
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On April 3, the International Association of Athletics Federations announced that it had been the victim of a cyberattack, seemingly at the hands of Fancy Bear, a Russian hacking group. The IAAF indicated that the hackers targeted athletes’ therapeutic use exemption applications which, if granted, allow athletes to use otherwise prohibited substances for therapeutic purposes (e.g. to treat illnesses). While this certainly is not the first instance of a hacking scandal in the world of professional sports, it and other recent incidents highlight the need for increased cybersecurity vigilance at sports organizations. 
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It’s the big night. The biggest tournament for your favorite sport has finally arrived, and you’re all fired up to join the roaring crowd and root for your favorite team. The frenzied advertising hype for the event worked. You were convinced to attend the event and you splurged on two seats from a promo you found online for you and your best buddy, only to discover that the promo is a sham, and… you’ve been duped.
Olympics and World Cup
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ISAO Cybersecurity Organization Formed
From Russian-affiliated hackers taking health information from the World Anti-Doping Agency and doxing several prominent U.S. athletes, to a former Major League Baseball scouting director breaking into an opposing team’s data records, to a NBA basketball team falling victim to a phishing scam, cybersecurity is becoming an increasing worry for high-profile sports organizations.
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Report on the Cybersecurity of Olympic Sports
The UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) has released a new report focused on the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity in sports, with an emphasis on the Olympic Games. The report, “The Cybersecurity of Olympic Sports: New Opportunities, New Risks,” is an unprecedented look into how the proliferation of new technologies in major sporting events—from digital display panels in stadiums to online ticketing systems to artificial intelligence-based scoring software—opens the door to cyberattacks that could threaten public safety, diminish the fan experience, and undermine the integrity of competition.

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