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published by Comissió de Programes Internacionals

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The international publication
 of the IES Algarb
This will be the window through which we will show all the multicultural experiences of our students and teachers
Our debut in international projects was in 2007, and it consisted in a student exchange with a German high school. In 2008, the first mobility took place, with Vocational Training students travelling to Poland and teachers going to London under the Leonardo Program. Since 2008, uninterrupted mobilities are being carried out. In 2014, we were elegible for the Erasmus+ Program, and our school obtained the "ECHE Charter  for Higher Education" and the "VET mobility charter" as an award for  Intermediate Vocational Training quality mobilities in 2017. In Secondary education, in addition to participating in "eTwinning", the IES Algarb entered the "Project Cities" in 2015, together with other institutes in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Norway. Up to now, our institution continues its process of internationalisation as a sign of educational quality.
Student mobilities
This year 2017-2018, nine of our students have completed the "training at work" module abroad. They study vocational training programmes, such as Nursery Auxiliary Care, Dietetics, Pharmacy and Parapharmacy, Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetic and Social Integration. They have been working in different companies in Finland, Italy, Poland and Germany.
During the course 2017/2018 the IES Algarb has carried out different activities in collaboration with Norway, Finland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland thanks to the Erasmus projects that allow exchanges of students and teachers.
Sara Zarcero
Universytecky Szpital Dzieccecy Krakowie (Poland)
Víctor Ortiz, Sandra Carmona, Noelia Ángel 
Nursing home Mainiokoti Otsola in Karhula (Finland)
Tania Marí
Jugendhilfestation in Cuxhaven
Nursery Care
Social Integration
Alejandra Tur, Atenea López
Essere Parruchiere in Este 
Hajira Bakali
Parafarmacia Atestina in Este
Luis Rosa
Fondazione IREA in Este
Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics
Pharmacy and Parapharmacy
Nursery Care
Welcoming foreign students
For the third year in a row, we have fostered a very special group of Finnish students who have completed their traineeship in Ibiza. 
Lisa Alexandrova, Nuura Khalil, Viola Mikkola and Taava Niemelä 
Technicians in Tourism and Nursery Auxiliary have carried out the traineeship in 
Sa Residència, Policlínica del Rosario and the Hotel Argos.
Our Physical education teacher, David Albert has participated in a Job Shadowing in Finland, at the Norvalia High Performance Sport Centre in Vöra.
CITIES is a project in which takes part a network of 5 European Secondary Schools from Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. It is expected to run for 3 years. In this project, both teachers and senior high school students will investigate the past, present and future of each destination city.

We have also participated in Transnational Learning Activities and Teacher's meetings:
The fifth  project meeting, from the 20th to the 27th of January, 2018
The fourth  project meeting, from the 27th until the 31st of March, 2017
Nesodden (Norway)
Poznan (Poland)
Transnational Learning Activities
In our last Cities project meeting, thirty students and ten teachers from Poland, Norway, The Netherlands and Germany visited Ibiza on special tours, guided by our students, so, in addition to having meetings and making the project known, they had time to discover the island.
Ibiza (Spain)
Aurelio Francés and Antònia Cardona
Last 12th-13th October 2017 the final teachers' meeting for coordinators of CITIES project took place in Nesodden (Norway). Its aim was to make an evaluation of the second year of the project and set up the students' activities for the third and last year.
Nesodden (Norway)
Educators' meetings
Students' exchange
English teachers, Angela Torralba and Núria Navas, accompanied by 23 students in 3rd year ESO, made an exchange with students from the "Farel College" of Amersfoort in the Netherlands .
Students from Farel College, who visited us in Ibiza in October.
Ibiza (Spain)
The eTwinning project encourages communication between students from different European countries and the practice of the English language. The English department has carried out this project with students in 1st and 2nd year of ESO, who have been able to exchange their traditions and their experiences with students from Finland, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Romania, France,Greece, Turkey and Croatia. All this was achieved by communicating via e-mail and social media.

Nesodden (Norway)
Amersfoort (Netherlands)
From the 15th to the 21st of April, they traveled to Holland and shared both a home and great experiences with 23 Dutch students. 
Xavi Rosselló
Xavi Rosselló participated in the International Erasmus Conference in Paris for 30th Erasmus aniversary, representing our high school as a teacher.
Paris (France)
We have participated in conferences and congresses about Erasmus projects.
Our teacher Cristina de la Fuente participated in the National Conference about Erasmus Project Mobilities.
Gasteiz (Spain)
Donosti (Spain)
Laura Roig, M. Carmen Escandell, Berta Oliva and Cristina de la Fuente
assisted at the International Encounters on Vocational Training.

Donosti (Spain)