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A Website Designer ...designs websites!

The design aspect takes not only creative and artistic talent, but also entails making sure the site is easy to use and the information is easy to access for all users.
To create pages that grab the attention of website visitors to convert them into paying customers or provide specific information about a product, company, or organization.
Ultimate Goal
A typical bachelor’s degree program in web design requires students to complete core curriculum like math and English, as well as several courses in their intended major. Some of the specific coursework at this level may include:
Educational Requirements
  • Digital Image Design for Websites
  • Basic HTML
  • Web Writing
  • Computer Systems Introduction
  • Digital and Strategic Marketing
  • Online Retailing
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet and Website Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Drawing
  • Animation
Many employers prefer someone who has a professional portfolio that shows the design process in creating other websites, whether as a student, intern, part-time employee at another company, or as a volunteer.

High school students who know they want to go into web design should take graphic arts and computer programming in addition to learning as many web design software programs as possible.
Web Designer vs Web Developer
Additional Know-How
Search Engine Optimization
Browser Compatibility
Website Maintenance
Design Functionality
  • Make attributes related to styling and layout.
  • Develops user-friendly navigation.
  • Understands and uses design principles.
  • Creates the Site's personality.
  • Creates the design the Developers follow to build the Site.
  • Brings life to the Website through coding.
  • Creates Site functionality.
  • Insures responsive interaction between the Site and the User.
  • Uses many different coding languages for development of the Site.
Annual Salary
As of May, 2017
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