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School Counseling Program Profile 2018
School Website
Principal's Message
The School Counseling Program at Hillside Elementary School works tirelessly to ensure a positive school climate in which each student’s well-being and safety are a priority. Our wonderful school counselor, Mrs. Coles, collaborates with administrators, our school psychologist, teachers, social worker, and office managers to deliver invaluable services to Hillside’s students. 

 The school counseling team uses data to close the academic and disciplinary gap.  They also utilize a restorative practice model in order to help our school transition to a less punitive, more restorative space in which students' self-worth is recognized. 

With the help of students, family, community members, staff, and administration, the school counseling team is committed to creating a more beautiful Hillside.  
School Principal 
Moraima Machado
School Counseling Program
Guidance Lessons
Hillside Elementary School's school counseling program abides by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors. 
Group Counseling
The school counseling program supports students through group counseling interventions. These include a cooperative play group for first-grade boys and "Be Me, Drama Free"/"Being the Best Me I Can Be" groups for 3rd-and-4th-grade girls.
Forty-nine 5th-grade students  participated in a college & career guidance lesson and learned about different personality types and careers related to each personality type. 
Two Peacekeepers from every fourth-and-fifth grade class received training in the form of a guidance lesson about applying restorative practices to mediate peer conflicts in their classes. 
College & Career
College-and-career-readiness lessons help the students learn about careers the advantages of pursuing a post-secondary education.
After a guidance lesson by a school-counselor-in-training (that included an age- appropriate interest inventory), 88% of 5th-grade students could correctly identify the number of years it usually takes to receive a Bachelor's Degree from a university, and 79% could correctly define the word "career."
Hillside students in Transitional Kindergarten to 5th grade participated in the School Counseling Program's Career Week. Students listened to different speakers talk about their various jobs and had the opportunity to watch them use the machinery used in their every day work. 

Career Week
Social-Emotional Support
The school counselor hosts eight-week Lunch Bunches for to teach social-emotional skills such as anger management.
The school counseling team regularly provides social-emotional support through individual and group counseling to students in need.
Restorative Practitioners and Peacekeepers Programs consist of fourth and fifth graders that help resolve peer conflicts. The School Counseling Team provides training for these student leaders. 
The school counseling team partners with programs like Niroga and Village Connect to teach students mindfulness and empowerment.
The school counseling team collaborates with office staff to analyze disproportionality in office referrals and suspensions data.. 
The Wellness Center
The Wellness Center 
is an invaluable student-support resource established by the school counseling team in March 2018. Students are welcome to utilize the Wellness Center's mindfulness, cool-down, adult check-in, and restorative problem-solving stations for self-regulation. 

It has had over 200 visits since its inception. 
The school counselor meets regularly with the principal, school psychologist, social worker, office manager, resource specialist, East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC) counselor, parents, and other members of the student support team in COST (Coordination of Services Team), IEP (Individualized Education Plan), and Behavior Support meetings in order to best meet the needs of Hillside students. 
The counselor-in-training provided a guidance lesson to six struggling fourth-grade students on following directions and getting organized to help them find tools to succeed in class. Data show that the students turned in more homework assignments following the lesson. 
Partners & Programs
School Counseling
Esther Pyon, 
Jillian Settle, 
EBAC School Counselor
Elizabeth Coles, 
School Counselor
Francisca Ortiz,
Office Staff, Interpreter
Not pictured:
Cynthia Flemister, 
Office Manager &
Marycarmen Palau, 
School Psychologist
Jesse Carpenter, 
Social Worker
(510) 317-5300 
(ext. 7318)
(510) 278-5171
School Calendar
[email protected]
Contact Information
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed by California State University, East Bay, School Counseling Intern, Esther Pyon.
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