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published by Jennifer Schmidt

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School Counseling Program Profile 2018
Home of the Mustangs
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37720 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536
Principal's Message
Mr. Kade Petersen

  Centerville is committed to providing students with a comprehensive school counseling program. Our school counselors advocate and support the academic achievement, personal-social needs, and career development of all students. 

       Our team prepares students to thrive 
in the 21st century workforce through classroom presentations, deliver guidance curriculum on college and career readiness and provide a safe space to receive additional support.

  Our school counselors change lives by encouraging mindset and behavior standards for all students to succeed and their ability to demonstrate positive attitude toward work and learning.

We are always evolving.
Our Counseling Program
It is our mission to provide all students with the necessary 
and appropriate skills to make a positive difference in the world 
and become life-long learners.

The Centerville School Counseling Program abides by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) 
Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

We support all students with individual and group programs and counseling.

We provide appropriate resources, referrals, presentations, and responses to requests in a timely manner.
 Systems of Support 
Special Education Referral (IEP)

504 Plan

Student Study Team (SST)

Coordination of Services Team (COST)
1:1 Counseling

  Referrals to outside agencies

 Referrals to therapy

Leadership activities

   (WEB) Leaders: 8th grade student mentors for 7th graders.

Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments (SAVE) provides curriculum and collaborate with leadership throughout the year.

       Group Counseling

       Transitional Groups


"Information Meetings"

Coffee with Counselor

Core Curriculum 
Anti-Bullying Presentation 

6- year plan

Academic Development
Ms. Schrenk, Centerville's Transition Counselor, conducts groups with 8th grade students identified as "at-risk". 

She helps improve their grades by teaching organizational and study skills.  
A group of 8th grade students with disabilities  learned to eliminate barriers to success by advocating for themselves. 

The students were able to identify the 4 steps to self-advocacy 
in a guidance lesson. 
Evaluate Your Needs

The pre and post-test revealed their ability to demonstrate advocacy skills when necessary.
Find a Helpful Resource at School
Talk to Your Teachers
Have Follow-Up Meetings 
Identified 4 Steps to Self-Advocacy
College-Career Development
All students have access to Naviance and are encouraged to explore their course options during their free time.

A group of students from Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Supervised Study, and Intervention group were exposed to college & career options through educational field trips.
college readiness program. 
a college and career readiness software. 
selected students receive additional support. 
Supervised Study: 
an elective to  be successful in their school career.
Social-Emotional Development
The counselors presented 
Anti-Bullying presentations during KINDNESS WEEK and held a campaign to combat bullying.

Students wore YELLOW to spread Kindness.

Leadership and WEB students held booths to promote kindness in the gym.

Students had the opportunity to share stories with open mic & submit artwork and poetry.

Ms. Gonzalez, 7th Grade Counselor, hosts a girls group every Monday during lunch for invited students. The group learned how to regulate emotions, manage conflict, increase self-esteem and overall well-being.

Mrs. Glaze, 8th Grade Counselor, hosts Game Room everyday during lunch for 7th & 8th grade students to promote collaboration, gaming and fun!

In the pre and post-test, the students revealed their increased confidence levels when it comes to resolving conflicts with others.

pairs donated to 
Think Kindness

pairs donated to 
local charities

Students around campus helped collect sneakers to donate 
and wrote notes of affirmations inside each sneaker.

Throw Kindness
around like
Kind words and affirmations were written in chalk around campus.
Students posted kind notes on bathroom mirrors.
Counselors and students made "kindness rocks" to create a rock garden of positive vibes.
Students completed Acts of Kindness checklist, such as: 
compliment 5 people today,
sit by someone new at lunch, 
pick up 5 pieces of trash on campus,  make a card to your teacher, 
volunteer doing something today, etc.
WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Program, an organization that creates a sense of belonging to our incoming 7th graders. 
Our 8th grade WEB Leaders mentor, guide, and help our 7th graders feel more comfortable and achieve success in their first year of junior high school.
During Kindness Week, WEB Leaders:

-Wrote kind notes and attached a piece of candy and hid around the school for others to find.

-Collected supplies to send to needy students.

-Incentivized students being kind with Mustang Kindness Bucks.

-Made a high-five tunnel to end the day.
In an effort to increase school connectedness, the counselors set up Challenge Day for 
all students: a 2-day experiential & social program that transforms through compassion.
Of a group of 7th grade girls were able to identify the steps needed to resolve a conflict, in a guidance lesson.
Our Achievements
Promotion success rate
Students participated in Kindness Week
Students completed a 6-Year Plan
Challenge Day Participation
8th grade students registered for High School courses online
Meet the Mustang Team
Ms. Schrenk, Transition Counselor, 
M.S. in Educational Psychology & Counseling, PPS Credential
California State University, Northridge
Mrs. Glaze, 8th Grade School Counselor, 
M.A. in Education Counseling & Student Personnel, PPS Credential
San Jose State University
Ms. Gonzalez, 7th Grade School Counselor, 
M.A. in Education Counseling & Student Personnel, PPS Credential
San Jose State University
Kade Petersen,
Ray Raskop,
Vice Principal
Patty Hansen, 
School Psychologist
Jeanine Schneider,
School Secretary
Jennifer Schmidt, Student Counselor
M.S. in School Counseling
Cal State East Bay
M.S. in School Psychology
PPS Credential
M.S. in Psychology
Administrative Services Credential
Ph. D. in Public Administration
Administrative Services  Credential
Washington High School
The school counseling department works with a highly qualified team of professionals. 
Partnerships & Programs
We are always collaborating.
We build our partners and programs from within, supporting students, families and the community

For further information, contact our School Secretary, Jeanine Schneider, at 510.797.2072 ext. 68151 or [email protected]
Our Contact Information
 (510) 797-2072
37720 Fremont Blvd, 
Fremont, CA 94536
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed and published by California State University, East Bay School Counseling Intern, Jennifer Schmidt.

Funding for the publication of this Profile was generously provided by the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning.