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published by Marisa Mendoza

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School Counseling Program Profile 2018
950 W. Grand Avenue Pomona, CA 91766
Vejar Elementary School
Principal's Message
 At Vejar, we have taken on the voyage to help ensure our students achieve their best in the classroom and on the playground. We truly believe in each child's academic, social, and emotional development. Making Good Decisions, Acting Responsibly, Solving Problems, and Keeping Calm and Learning on are the universal expectations to promote a positive school climate for our students and families. It is our belief that our Raccoons need to demonstrate these throughout the campus to be successful scholars. 

Our school counselor, Ms. Vasquez, is dedicated to working with families and the local community to foster a school climate that promotes collaboration. Her efforts help develop a positive climate for our students. By providing such a climate, our students will develop the necessary academic and social skills to contribute to our classrooms and society.
Ms. Brooks
  • Academic Support: Academic Action Plans & Grade Checks 
  • Socio-Emotional Group Counseling: Social Skills, Safe Playing, & Anger Management
  • Core Curriculum Lessons: MASK: making good decisions, acting responsibly, solving problems, and keeping calm 
Vejar's school counseling program abides by ASCA Ethical Standards for school counselors and seeks to 
-Eliminate barriers impeding students' development 
-Create opportunities to learn for all students
-Ensure access to a quality school curriculum
-Collaborate with others within and outside the school to help students meet their needs
-Promote positive, systemic change in schools. 
School Counseling Program 
Group Counseling: Social Skills 
Students were asked before group counseling started to evaluate how well they worked with others. After group counseling finished, all 8 students responded that they worked well with others. 
Group Counseling: Social Skills 
Vejar's counseling group's goal was to assist students in developing skills needed to navigate peer interactions such as listening, awareness of feelings, body language, expression of feelings, healthy ways to manage conflict, and empathy.
5 fifth Grade students and 3 fourth grade students participated in this counseling group. 
Group Counseling: Social Skills 
The counseling group contributed to the decrease of the number of school activity disruptions for all group participants.  
Partners & Programs 
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Vejar will respond to phone inquiries within 24-48 hours.
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed  and published by University of La Verne School Counseling Intern Marisa Mendoza.